25-year flight attendant reveals wildest moments, horror stories

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By Dan Sears

It was a career’s worth of mile-high-jinks.

Thought you’ve experienced some nightmares on 30,000 feet?

A flight attendant had the internet in a tizzy after revealing some of the wildest things he’s experienced during his 25-year career, including hooking up with passengers and flyers defecating in their seats.

He detailed the NSFW work stories in an “Ask Me Anything” post currently taking flight on Reddit.

“I am a Flight Attendant with a major US Airline that I have been with for 25 years. Ask away….” said the anonymous crewmember. While he didn’t name the specific carrier, the sky steward mentioned that he works domestic AM flights, which require him to be at the airport at 5 or 6 a.m. and stay as late as 5 p.m.

The Redditor named travel benefits, healthcare benefits, going to different cities, and experiencing something different every day as some of the benefits of working the friendly skies.

A flight attendant had the internet in a tizzy after revealing some of the wildest things he’s experienced during his 25-year-career. Svitlana – stock.adobe.com
“What does happen a lot is straight married pilots hooking up with gay male attendants,” the flight attendant [not pictured] claimed. Ivan – stock.adobe.com

His cons, meanwhile, entailed being away from home for three days at time, not being paid for lots of daily tasks and having to deal with “mean passengers.”

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In fact, unruly flyers are responsible for a lot of the flight attendant’s agita.

He claimed that he catches people trying to smoke in the lavatory every week and even busts passengers trying to join the milehigh club (aka hooking up at 3,000 feet) at least once a year.

And it’s apparently not just passengers getting freaky at 30,000 feet. When asked if he’s ever got it on with a passenger or coworker while on the job or after clocking off, the industry insider responded: “‘Passenger, yes. Other crew… I’ve had offers but nope.”

Co-workers hooking up doesn’t happen “as often as it’s rumored really,” he divulged in the steamy tell-all. “What does happen a lot is straight married pilots hooking up with gay male attendants.”

The flight attendant claims he busts people trying to join the mile-high club at least once a year. Friends Stock – stock.adobe.com

However, he says some of the worst things he’s observed are passengers “fighting, sh–ting or p–sing” in their seats.

To wit: earlier this month, a passenger allegedly pooped their pants on a Delta flight on Christmas Eve — and left excrement smeared all over the seat.

By a similar token, the flight attendant said he’s also seen “used condoms, nasty underwear (male and female), used tampons, just to name a few.”

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He’s even had passengers try to spit on him and fight him, per the post.

“People think getting on a plane is a right of theirs, and not taking what we say seriously,” the air host declared. “The entire mindset of customers has changed the way this job is.”

It’s not just air barbarians that make the gig tough at times. The flyer recalled hitting a patch of turbulence that was so rough he smacked his head on a door handle and cut it.

Unfortunately, flight attendant pay does little to ease the headache — at least at the beginning.

“Depends on the airline but typically starting pay is around $24/flight hour,” disclosed the flight attendant. “That doesn’t include per diem, some pay more if flights are full or close to full, what position you fly, etc. top out pay is after about 15 years and then its about $75/flight hour.”

Despite all the potential shenanigans, the flight attendant encourages people of all ages who want to work in the friendly skies to do so.

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“We have people who are in their late 50s and in their 60s who get hired,” he said. “I would say go for it. Especially look at Southwest, Delta, Alaska, JetBlue.”

As for his best and worst celebrity encounters, the flight attendant claimed: “Best was Gene Simmons from KISS. Worst was Julia Roberts (and that was three weeks ago). She is NOT nice at all.”

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