5 malware mistakes most people make while traveling and trying to charge

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By Dan Sears

The airports? Crazy. The weather? Unpredictable. Travel is tough enough … and then your phone dies. Those charging kiosks in airports, hotels and malls can be big timesavers. Their owners promise they’re safe, but the FBI disagrees — and so do I. 

Welcome to the newest phase of juice jacking. The phenomenon has been around for more than ten years. Hackers use public phone charging to upload malware to your devices. Then, they ransom your phone or steal your passwords.  

Have no fear. When your batteries hit the low point in your travels, follow these rules to keep you and your family malware-free. 

Don’t use public USBs – just outlets 

Fortunately, actual cases of juice-jacking are rare or nonexistent in America. But they can happen through USB connections. How can you avoid malware? If a kiosk has actual power outlets to charge your phone with your adapter, there’s no fear of hacking.  

For 100% protection, stay away from USB ports of any size, especially when traveling overseas. While USB standards are international, foreign hackers can target popular hotel room USB ports to steal data, even if you’re not using a kiosk. 

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Don’t use a cable at all 

Keep up with the Komandonians and use wireless charging pads instead of USBs when possible. More and more public kiosks are using wireless charging. This method doesn’t exchange data directly with your phone, so it’s virus-free by default. 

Man hand holding Powerbank RavPower and iPhone 11 with app Battery on the screen.
Experts recommend that only outlets are used to charge a phone at a public location. DenPhoto – stock.adobe.com

Don’t use a data cable 

If you’re desperate for juice, use a USB connection safely with the right cable. Pack a charge-only cable for your trip. They’re cheap, compact and don’t allow for data transfer. Come to think of it, that’s more of a “do.” 

Don’t choose the ‘trust’ option 

Newer phones are smart enough to be wary of an unknown USB connection. (Some humans could learn a thing or two). They’ll ask if you want to “trust this device” or “share data.” 

Always say “No” to these options when traveling! Both allow data communication between your phone and the charging hardware, which may have implanted malware. Choose the “charge-only option.” If that’s not available, keep walkin’. 

FYI: This works with most phones that are a few years old or newer. It may not offer the choice if you have a particularly old phone. 

Don’t forget your external battery 

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They’re slim and durable, and you’ll never regret packing them. Drop your external battery into a suitcase side pocket or laptop bag and keep it close. Remember to charge it back up when you stop at a hotel or airport, and you’re good to go. 

Power bank charges smartphone on the travel bag at the international airport.
A portable battery is a great way to protect devices. Monthira – stock.adobe.com

Going on a big trip?  

I really, really suggest checking out my recommendations for international charging adapters before you leave, as well as my travel prep cheat sheet. Now you’re ready to travel in style and stay safe! 

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