Aaron Carter’s twin hasn’t spoken to mom since death scene photos

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By Dan Sears

Aaron Carter’s twin sister, Angel Carter, had a falling out with their mother, Jane Carter, after the latter released graphic images of her late son’s death scene.

“It was a true invasion of privacy and something that Aaron would’ve never wanted the public to see,” the 35-year-old told People Tuesday.

Jane released the gruesome pictures, which showed what appeared to be feces on the floor and a tub filled with green water, on March 1, nearly four months after Aaron was tragically found dead inside his California home.

The late pop star’s mom said she made the photos public because she wanted police to investigate her son’s death as a homicide.

 “Aaron had a lot of death threats and many many people who were making his life miserable,” she insisted at the time via a Facebook post.

Jane Carter posing with Aaron Carter.
Jane previously said she released the pics so that police would investigate her son’s passing as a crime.
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However, investigators concluded in April that Aaron died from drowning and the effects of a flammable gas that is often used as the propellant in cans of compressed air, and alprazolam, a generic form of Xanax.

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His manner of death was ruled accidental and he had no “life-threatening traumatic injuries” at the time of his passing, according to a copy of the autopsy report previously obtained by Page Six.

Angel told People that she has not spoken to her mother since she released the controversial photos.

A close-up of Aaron Carter.
Aaron was found dead inside his California home on Nov. 5, 2022. He was 34.

“Aaron dying was the worst possible outcome for all of us,” the former model added. “My brother deserves to be here.”

Angel noted that she and her siblings – which also includes Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter – allegedly had a rough upbringing “filled with emotional abuse, dysfunction and addiction.”

As recently as May, Jane was charged with one count of battery after she allegedly got into a heated altercation with her husband over the volume of their television.

The Carter siblings, including Angel, Nick and Aaron, posing together on a red carpet.
The Carter siblings, which also includes pop star Nick Carter, allegedly had a childhood filled with “emotional abuse, dysfunction and addiction,” according to Angel.
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The argument reportedly ensued following an evening of drinking and the disagreement allegedly turned physical at one point.

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Angel, who seemingly maintained a clean lifestyle, told People that she is channeling her grief over Aaron’s death to help break “the stigma surrounding mental health.”

Angel Carter and Aaron Carter posing together.
Angel is now using her brother’s death to advocate for mental health awareness.
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“It’s much easier to raise a strong child than to fix a broken adult,” the interior designer, who partnered with the  children’s mental health organization On Our Sleeves, added.

“Something positive has to come from all this. I refuse to allow Aaron to have died in vain.”

She concluded, “I want Aaron’s legacy to be more than those final years of his life.”

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