‘And Just Like That’ Season 2, Episode 9: Carrie moves on

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By Dan Sears

WARNING: This story contains spoilers from this week’s episode of “And Just Like That.”

Location, location, location!

This week’s episode of “And Just Like That” is all about where the ladies are — and where they’re not.

First up: Where exactly are Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aidan (John Corbett)?

Romantically, the re-coupled couple has shot well past “serious,” as Carrie has even met Aidan’s sons and played nice with his ex-wife in Virginia.

Physically, Carrie and Aidan are still illegally subletting Che Diaz’s (Sara Ramirez) apartment since Aidan is still refusing to set foot in Carrie’s place, where the specter of their romantic past still looms.

But when the couple overstays their welcome, Che gets a stern letter from building management about breaking the house guest policy.

Carrie snaps into gear looking for a long-term solution and decides — brace yourself for this next part — to sell her apartment.

That’s right. After more than 25 years of Carrie’s iconic Upper East Side jewel box, Miss Bradshaw decides to give up the space to invest in her future with Aidan.

Three episodes out from the season finale, things with Carrie and Aidan are only heating up. But can it last?
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

The next stop on this episode’s tour of thematic locations? An over-the-top, four-bedroom, three-bathroom, two-floor apartment that Carrie buys for herself and Aidan, plus Aidan’s three boys.

Carrie also walks back her comments from last week about her marriage to Mr. Big (Chris Noth) potentially being a “big mistake.” When Charlotte’s boss (Victor Garber) tries to flirt with her, all she can say is that “it was a wonderful marriage to a wonderful man” and “it ended far too soon.”

Still, she’s more committed to Aidan than ever — her awkward coffee chat with Aidan’s ex-wife, Cathy (Rosemarie DeWitt), proves it. Cathy makes a polite request that Carrie not use her sons as content in her writing — and tosses out a less-polite request that Carrie also not “hurt [Aidan] again.”

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Carrie calls Seema on the steps of her apartment.
Oui, oui! Carrie dons a beret and sees life through proverbial rose-colored glasses as she purchases a gorgeous, new apartment following Aidan’s continued refusal to set foot in her longtime home.
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

“It’s not just Aidan now,” Cathy tells Carrie, who is baffled by the frankness. “It’s my boys.”

Harsh? Maybe. But while we love our girl Carrie, it might not be the worst thing for her to hear.

In any case, it helps her decide that she’s all in with Aidan.

“You just have to be sure,” Aidan later advises Carrie about selling her apartment, thereby jumping with both feet into their relationship. “Are you sure?”

Who knows what next week may bring? But for right now — she’s sure.

Miranda admires Carrie's new apartment.
Miranda declares she’s “moving in” after seeing Carrie’s gorgeous new place.
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

While we’re in the neighborhood of Carrie’s gorgeous abode, Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) also happens to be struggling with her location this week.

After days of listening to roomie Nya Wallace (Karen Pittman) get it on with a stranger from Tinder, Miranda wistfully jokes about moving into Carrie’s spacious, new place. As far as Nya’s hookup goes, the Columbia law professor is having the time of her life — that is until she finds out that her ex-husband and his new wife are having a baby.

After Nya’s bedfellow sends Miranda running back to her Brooklyn apartment for a shower, she gets a shock seeing Charlotte’s daughter, Lily York-Goldenblatt (Cathy Ang), come out of her son Brady’s (Niall Cunningham) room wearing only a T-shirt.

While Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda had conspired to get their kids together to talk college, they didn’t anticipate that they might get together together.

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When they tell Carrie that they suspect their kids are having sex, her reaction is priceless.

“That’s like hearing that two of my stuffed animals are having sex,” Carrie says.

Giuseppe and Anthony talk in the street.
Anthony Marantino and his hot fella, Giuseppe, take things to the next level this week after Anthony suspects his Italian lover of using him for a green card.
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Lily and Brady talk in the kitchen.
Charlotte and Miranda are horrified to find out that Brady and Lily might be sneaking around together, so they try to confirm their suspicions by spying on the young duo.
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

With her characteristically endearing kookiness, Char immediately spirals out about the hundreds of ways a Brady-Lily relationship could go wrong “unless they get married.”

The latter thought has her fixated momentarily on the “beautiful, red-headed, Chinese-Jewish babies” they could have, but at the end of the episode, she snaps out of it. After she and Miranda snoop on their offspring for the better part of a party thrown by Harry York-Goldenblatt (Evan Handler) and Herbert Todd-Wexley (Chris Jackson), they sagely decide to stay out of their kids’ sex lives — for now.

The Harry-Herbert party unites the talents of both men in support of Herbert’s campaign for city comptroller. At the party, Anthony Marantino (Mario Cantone) and his Hot Fellas bread delivery boy Giuseppe (Sebastiano Pigazzi) finally go all the way after five pasta dates with no second course.

Anthony gets cold feet and tries to put off sealing the deal with excuse after excuse — like he’s “an old fashioned kind of girl” or he thinks Giuseppe’s using him for a green card.

But when he finds out the hot fella’s mom is from Buffalo, New York, they end up locking lips in Charlotte’s daughter’s room.

Herbert and Lisa Todd Wexley pose at the campaign party.
Herbert and Lisa are burning the candle at both ends as he campaigns and she pitches her documentary to PBS. In the middle of all of it, Lisa finds out she’s pregnant.
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Seema poses with a hand on her hip in the bathroom.
Seema Patel may have finally met her match in superhero movie director Ravi Gordi — but the fabulous singleton has doubts about resigning her independence.
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Speaking of which, Hot Fellas isn’t the only thing with a bun in the oven.

After a few passive-aggressive exchanges between Herbert and Lisa Todd Wexley (Nicole Ari Parker) — culminating in the fashionista falling asleep on her love seat, stiletto in hand, and nearly missing her husband’s campaign party — Lisa announces that she’s pregnant.

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It’s a plot line that came pretty much out of nowhere but, naturally, we look forward to seeing how the peerless LTW makes maternity clothes look enviable.

Our final stop on this episode’s real estate tour sees Seema Patel (Sarita Choudhury) closing more than one deal with the sexy superhero movie director to whom she’s showing luxury apartments.

Confronted with a $37,000/month price tag, Ravi Gordi (Armin Amiri) is unbothered. What he’s really interested in is getting Seema hot and bothered — which he does, right there in his new apartment.

Smitten Seema even takes Ravi on an impromptu double date with Carrie and Aidan, where Carrie’s man turns out to be a huge fan of Ravi’s movies.

The ever-cool Seema blusters an apology to Carrie for surprising her with a debonair date.

Carrie deadpans, “You know how I hate spending time with charming, worldly men who know how to dress.”

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