Anti-aging guru Bryan Johnson picks fight with Elon Musk

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By Dan Sears

Millionaire biohacker Bryan Johnson — the middle-aged tech mogul who used his son as a blood boy in a bid to reverse aging — took a shot at Elon Musk for the way the he runs his vast business empire.

“The difference between Elon and me: I’ll nourish you and drink your blood; he’ll fire you and leave you to die,” 46-year-old Johnson shared to X on Sunday.

The post was accompanied by a screenshot of a Dec. 29 post from user by the name of Matt Paulson, who said his “unpopular opinion of the day is that Bryan Johnson looked way better before he started spending $2 million/year on his body.”

Musk replied to Paulson’s post with a “100” emoji, suggesting he agreed with the sentiment.

The Post has sought comment from Musk, who has yet to weigh on Johnson’s most recent post claiming the world’s richest person will “leave you to die.”

After Elon Musk seemed to agree that biohacker Bryan Johnson looked better before embarking on his anti-aging regime, Johnson said that “the difference between Elon and me: “I’ll nourish you…he’ll leave you to die.” X/@bryan_johnson

A slew of fellow X users weighed in on Johnson’s look, which many likened to a vampire for his very pale skin tone and chiseled face.

The look is a far cry from Johnson before he endeavored on his quest to beat Father Time, when his skin tone was more flushed, his jawline was less sharp and he sported a five-o’clock shadow.

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At the time, in his 30s, Johnson sold his payment processing company Braintree Payment Solutions to EBay for $800 million in cash, but since ditched the stressful startup lifestyle for a daily routine that includes a 5 a.m. wakeup time, one-hour exercise regimen, four to five hours of “concentrated thought,” 111 supplements, a 2,250-calorie vegan diet, blood transfusions and daily health tests, as well as a rigid bedtime routine where he’s hooked up to a machine that counts his nighttime erections.

The regimen, although bizarre to some, has piqued the attention of others who want to try their hand at the extreme routine.

“Can you bring down the cost of nourishing below $50K a year?” one user by the name of Ryan Fitzpatrick asked Johnson on X.

Johnson replied that his strategy to reverse his biological clock, an initiative he’s dubbed as Project Blueprint, “will be cost competitive with fast food this year,” he replied to Fitzpatrick.

Johnson launched the endeavor in 2021, which he said in a blog post at the time “aims to measure all 70 organs of my body and then maximally reverse the quantified biological age of each.”

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Johnson’s extreme anti-aging protocol will be sold to consumers sometime in 2024 under Project Blueprint. X/@bryan_johnson
Johnson has assured that the regime “will be cost competitive with fast food,” though he has yet to disclose a price tag. X/@bryan_johnson

However, Johnson’s protocol has yet to be available for purchase, though customers can sign up to join the waitlist for the Blueprint Starter Kit.

It wasn’t immediately clear how much Project Blueprint will cost when it becomes available for purchase sometime in 2024.

Also listed on Project Blueprint’s website: A 750 mL bottle of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil for $60, plus packets of unsweetened cocoa powder, nut mixes and other superfood blends ranging from $39 to $79.

Project Blueprint’s website lists other products for purchase as well, including extra virgin olive oil and superfood mixtures ranging from $39 to $99. All the offerings, however, are marked “coming soon.”

There’s even a ready-to-mix blend for $99 to make Johnson’s infamous Nutty Pudding at home, though all the products have yet to be released, and are labeled “coming soon.”

The so-called “Nutty Pudding” is the dessert Johnson claims to eat every single day — a concoction of macadamia nuts, walnuts, flax seed, pomegranate juice and berries — although it doesn’t include extra virgin olive oil, of which he consumes three tablespoons daily.

Johnson said he started the project when he fired “Evening Bryan,” the name he gave an alter ego that faced “formidable challenges” between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. each night that caused him to binge eat trays of brownies at a time and pile on more than 50 pounds.

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In an effort to achieve an 18-year-old physique, 42-year-old Johnson takes 111 daily supplements, eats a 2,250-calorie vegan diet and partakes in costly blood transfusions and daily health tests. Instagram/ Bryan Johnson

At the time, just before he sold Braintree to EBay, he was also reportedly working long hours that left him stressed and nearly suicidal.

“Data, not emotions, now manages both my diet and sleep protocols,” he wrote in the post.

Representatives for Johnson at Project Blueprint did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

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