Baby smacks Bible into fountain during baptism

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By Dan Sears

This will lift your spirits.

An 11-month-old Buffalo-area boy is going viral for hilariously derailing his baptism in one fell swoop.

A now-viral TikTok shows Candace Williams holding son Sullivan near a baptismal fountain as a Catholic priest reads from a book of sacraments.

Surrounded by friends and family at Our Lady of Pompeii Church in Lancaster, Sullivan quickly raises his hand and smacks the book into the fountain’s holy water — to the astonishment of everyone in attendance.

The 6-second clip has amassed over 4.5 million views since it was posted last week by Williams’ sister, Natalie Walczyk.

Baby smacks bible into fountain during  baptism
The young boy sent the priest’s prayer book into the holy water.

Baby’s baptism goes wrong in mother’s viral video
People on TikTok claimed this was the boy’s way of choosing his religious path.

Williams, 35, told that Sullivan’s baptism was the priest’s first at that church. She also said he accepted her multiple apologies on the youngster’s behalf.

“He [the priest] was a champ. He picked the book right back up and kept going,” Williams confessed to the outlet. “He was turning the pages and they were soaking wet. Later, my husband was like, “Every time I looked at the pages dripping, I started laughing.’”

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She added: “My brother was roaring with laughter. My mother-in-law was in the front row, and she tried to keep it together, but she couldn’t do it.”

The Post has reached out to Williams for comment.

Baby’s baptism goes wrong in mother’s viral video
The boy’s family was stunned.

Thousands of viewers on TikTok praised Sullivan’s slick move.

“He was like, ‘not today Jesus!’” one laughed.

Another declared: “I still can’t stop laughing.”

Williams replied: “Me either, every time I watch it.”

Another person even suggested what Sullivan must have been thinking in the moment.

“‘I don’t see pictures, next book,’” they chuckled.

Baby’s baptism goes wrong in mother’s viral video
Mom Candace Williams claimed this celebration was the priest’s first baptism at that church.

Others wondered if Sullivan’s slap actually meant he had “chosen his path” about being raised in the church.

“Baby is setting boundaries early in life and I’m here for it,” one person applauded.

“The baby has spoken,” another proclaimed.

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