Barbra Streisand’s firm got $200,000 PPP cash, paid gardener

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By Dan Sears

Barbara Streisand’s film company, which pays the groundskeeper at her $20m mansion, got $200,000 in PPP money intended to help small business make payroll written off, The Post has learned.

The multimillionaire star’s Barwood Films Ltd. received loans from the Paycheck Protection Program in 2020 and 2021 — then had them written off by the federal government.

Among the workers paid through Barwood Films in 2020 and 2021 was a groundskeeper responsible for the gardens at her $20 million Malibu clifftop home — where the business is registered — and an “executive support” employee.

Her spokesman claimed said Streisand’s gardener had not been paid with taxpayer funds. The Post has confirmed that the groundskeeper was employed by Barwood Films when it took public money to make payroll.

Streisand’s pride in her garden radiates through her Instagram. One of its groundskeepers is paid through her film company. Barbrastreisand/Instagram
The star’s clifftop Malibu home is surrounded by carefully-tended gardens, modeled on an English country garden, and has a stunning view over the Pacific. It is also the registered address for her movie company, Barwood Films. nobyline@backgrid / BACKGRID
Streisand’s spokesman said that the written-off PPP loans were not used to pay for the groundskeeper who helps tend to the 3,000 rose bushes which dot Streisand’s estate. Barbra Streisand / Instagram

Streisand, 81, is worth $430 million, according to Forbes. She has long been known for her lavish living, even having a replica antique shopping mall in her Malibu clifftop home.

The mall is in the basement of the eight-bedroom, 11-bathroom mansion, itself valued at at least $20 million, and whose gardens have been called “an idyllic oasis” by Homes & Gardens. There are 3,000 rose bushes alone.

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The English-style garden and manicured lawns have featured extensively on her Instagram. They include a lovingly-tended gravesite for Samantha, her beloved pet Coton de Tulear, who died in 2017 and who she had cloned, giving her Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett.

The English-style garden features a weeping willow and a small boating pond. Homes & Gardens magazine has praised it as “idyllic.” Barbrastreisand/Instagram
Three thousands roses are a part of the lavishly-landscaped garden on the Malibu clifftop where Streisand lives. She has made a $430 million fortune thanks to a showbusiness career which is now in its seventh decade. Instagram/barbrastreisand
Rose bushes, as seen trained around the front of part of the estate’s properties, are not the only flowers Streisand has cultivated, with the help of a gardener paid through her production company. Barbra Streisand / Instagram

In 2020, Streisand’s production company qualified as a “small business” for the taxpayer-funded assistance — which was intended to prevent mass unemployment by keeping small businesses afloat.

On April 7, 2020, four days after the Small Business Administration opened applications for loans for the program, Barwood Films Ltd., received was approved for $103,662, which it said was for six workers.

Six days later, Streisand tweeted her anger at then Pres. Trump for his handling of the Covid crisis, saying money he had spent on a border wall should be spent on “testing, ventilators and personal protective equipment for our health care professionals.”

Among the garden’s features are the grave of Samantha, Streisand’s beloved pet Coton de Tulear, who died in 2017. The dog was cloned, giving her Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett, who are seen in front of Samantha’s grave. Barbrastreisand/Instagram
Days after her production company took taxpayer money intended for small businesses to make payroll, $430m Democrat Barbra Streisand was lashing out at Donald Trump on Twitter for not spending on public health. @BarbraStreisand/X
Inside her $20m mansion, Striesand has indulged her love of antiques. In its basement is a replica shopping mall. Getty Images for The Dwight D. Opperman Foundation

The next year, her film company received $103,127, saying it would protect six people on its payroll.

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Companies which spent at least 60% of the PPP check on payroll and did not cut workers’ pay could apply to have their loans forgiven, along with any interest accrued on them.

Barwood Films did that, meaning it netted $209,069 from the taxpayer-funded bailout. PPP recipients could spend up to 40% on utilities, essential purchases, protective equipment and rent.

Almost all PPP loans have been forgiven: out of $793 billion issued, the SBA has written off $762 billion.

Striesand’s lavish gardens benefit from constant professional attention. They surrounded the home where she has registered her movie business, which pays for one of the groundskeepers and which got $200,000 in PPP loans written off. Instagram/barbrastreisand
Barwood Films is registered to the offices of Lester Knipsel (left) a celebrity money manager who is also assistant secretary of the star’s foundation. Among his other clients are George Lopez (right) and Sylvester Stallone. Alamy Stock Photo

At the time of the loans, one of Barwood’s employees listed her job as “executive support,” a role she had previously held for Bette Midler. A former Barwood employee from years before the pandemic detailed their duties as “personal errands” for Streisand.

Barwood, which produced films such as “A Star is Born” in 1976, “Yentl” in 1983 and “Prince of Tides” in 1991, last produced “Barbra: The Music, the Memoirs, the Magic” in 2017.

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Since then, Streisand released a new album and in 2022, a best-selling memoir, “My Name is Barbra.”

Public records show Barwood is registered to the office of money manager Lester Knispel, who is also assistant secretary of the Barbra Streisand Foundation.

His Boulevard Management manages money for Kardashian family members and Sylvester Stallone, among others. Calls and an email to Boulevard Management were not returned.

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