Beauty treatment is like always having a face of makeup

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By Dan Sears

She can’t bear to face her other half — unless she has a full face of makeup.

A Sydney, Australia, beauty salon called Sydney Aesthetic Lounge recently posted a video of their client who wanted to look permanently glam by getting a special BB glow treatment.

“My client told me her partner has never seen her without make-up so she came to me so she didn’t have to,” read the text atop the TikTok video of the woman undergoing the beauty service. The video has garnered more than 2.4 million views since being posted on Thursday. 

The treatment, which costs $130, supposedly makes the client look as though they are permanently wearing foundation on their skin, giving them a smooth and even appearance. 

“Wake up with makeup,” read the caption of the video. 

Commenters were quick to flock to the video to share their opinion on the fact that the client’s partner had never seen her naked face.

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“The way I’d drop the partner and work on myself and find someone who would just accept me as I am,” said one commenter.

A woman gets a beauty treatment.
One woman had the treatment after saying her partner had never seen her with a bare face.

“Thats really sad have rs like trust no confidence..iam sorry for her,” said another. 

“I hope he would love you no matter and it’s your own insecurities..not his,” said a third. 

Others asked for more information on the beauty treatment so they could get the permanent makeup look.

“Does this clog your pores?” asked an interested party.

The salon claims there are numerous benefits to the treatment.

“No it doesn’t clog your pores. It helps tightens pores as we needle your face before treatment,” replied the salon. 

“I think I’d like this I’m so pale and face shows redness all the time, is there after pics?” another said. 

The salon wrote back: “Message our Instagram page, [we’ll] show you more details.”

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