Biden, Obama and Bill Clinton fundraiser set for March 28 in New York City – NBC New York

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By Dan Sears

This story first appeared on More from NBC News:

The Biden campaign has set its blockbuster fundraiser with three Democratic presidents — Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton — for March 28, and it’s closing in on a location in New York City, according to four people familiar with the planning.

One of the venues under consideration is Radio City Music Hall, these people said. 

The fundraiser could include a moderated discussion with the three presidents, one of the sources said.

Spokespeople for Obama and Clinton declined to comment, although the two former presidents tweeted about the fundraiser Tuesday afternoon.

A spokesperson for the Biden campaign said no details have been finalized, including the venue or location.

NBC News first reported last month that the Biden campaign was trying to organize a fundraiser with the current president and his two most recent Democratic predecessors. 

Biden aides hope such a fundraiser, which would be a first for a presidential campaign, will raise a large amount of money for his re-election effort and energize Democrats. Obama and Clinton also remain popular leaders in the Democratic Party. 

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A venue as large as Radio City Music Hall, which can hold nearly 6,000 people, suggests the campaign is looking to host at least a couple of thousand supporters. 

People familiar with the planning for the March fundraiser have said if it’s a success, the campaign could try to organize another one with the three presidents later this year.

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