Costco’s 157-piece Le Creuset cookware deal has social media users upset

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By Dan Sears

Costco may be a well-known spot to buy groceries in bulk, but the wholesaler has recently gone viral for selling a cult classic cookware brand — Le Creuset.

Le Creuset has been manufacturing colorful cookware since 1925, according to the brand’s website.

Costco fans on social media appeared to be shocked to see the sale of this specific brand, since it has apparently become a favorite among cooking professionals and connoisseurs.

In a now viral X post garnering over 21.5 million views, a finance and tech content creator announced that Costco sells a “Le Creuset 157-piece Ultimate Cookware Set” for $4,499.99.

“Includes Dutch ovens, dinnerware, French press, utensils, 6 assorted frying & saucepans, two stockpots, kettle, & more – 1 to 2 weeks to deliver – Costco also sells a L.C. 9 pc. stainless steel set for $500, 9 pc. nonstick set for $400, & a 21 pc. stainless steel set for $1,400,” the post on X reads.

The price tag on this package is on the high end, but each item comes out to less than $27 per kitchen utensil — a price that is rarely seen for a Le Creuset product.

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Fans of both the French cookware and the wholesaler have already sold out the item online.

The product has seemingly “broken the internet,” as a 404 error code currently appears whenever one tries to view the 157-piece set on

This deal includes cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, serveware and other accessories, according to the wholesaler’s website.

“This exclusive set includes cast iron, stoneware, stainless steel, toughened non-stick PRO, silicone and much more,” the product’s description states.

The delivery is so large, Costco has included a “pallet delivery” with the purchase of the item.

Other Le Creuset items are still available online, but some can only be purchased by those with a membership.

Le Creuset bundle
The deal includes cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, serveware and other accessories.

Some users on X shared their thoughts in the comments section about Costco’s offering.

“Ridiculous price. Unbundle and buy the pieces you need,” one man wrote.

“but if you do use everything it is a massive steal price wise,” the original Le Creuset poster on X replied.

“That’s a steal considering,” one woman said.

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A Reddit thread has also been created with many people asking if the price tag should really be considered a “deal.”

One Reddit user went ahead and calculated the cost of each item if they were to be purchased individually on the Le Creuset website.

Based on that user’s calculations, the suggested retail price comes down to $8,005.95, but when adding any additional sales or discounts on the cookware’s site, it could be as low as $5,280.149, the person argued.

Outside of Costco
Social media users concluded that you would save thousands of dollars buying through Costco.
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Aside from the price being a major topic of discussion, many people did not find the set to be practical unless you are looking to start your kitchen collection from scratch.

“Most people who want 157 pieces of LC probably already have 57 pieces at home and don’t want doubles,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Maybe there are people who want to equip the empty kitchen at their vacation home without making any decisions, but it would not be a lot harder to select items on a website,” the user continued.

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Le Creuset is known for their exuberant colors, which is why many shoppers appear to not be fans of the set only containing one hue.

“My biggest problem is that it all matches. I want at least one of every color,” another user added to thread.

It seems as though consensus on social media is that Le Creuset lovers prefer selecting specific pieces instead of investing in this 157-piece set.

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