Couple demanding free first-class seat delays plane for hours

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By Dan Sears

This entitled traveler thought first-class was a buy-two-get-one-free deal.

A plane in China was delayed for three hours and eventually canceled last month after an irate couple demanded that their child be upgraded to first class for free.

According to a passenger, the ruckus kicked off at 11 a.m. on December 30 after an unsupervised boy began to sob in the seat next to him on a flight from Chengdu to Beijing, Jam Press reported.

As it turned out, the inconsolable toddler’s parents were seated in first class but had only bought their youngster an economy ticket.

That’s when the boy’s unnamed dad confronted the staff, demanding that his son be moved to first at no extra cost. His rationale was that he had already paid for two first-class tickets and therefore should get the third one free, the South China Morning Post reported.

In the clip, shot by a fellow passenger surnamed Zhao, the incensed dad can be seen berating a group of passengers, crewmembers and security guards as they repeatedly explain why his child isn’t entitled to an upgrade.

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“Stop swearing at me,” fumed the father. “You have no right to do that.”

The dad faces off with crew members and security staff
The dad argues with crew members and security staff. Jam Press

When a security guard attempts to de-escalate the situation, the parent lays into him, shouting: “What gives you the right to order me about?”

This prompts a woman to retort: “You’ve wasted too much of our time and we won’t tolerate it any longer.”

Police finally arrived and escorted the angry passenger off the plane at around 2 p.m. — three hours after the rumpus initially began.

Unfortunately for everyone else, the flight was eventually canceled, forcing around 300 passengers to rebook their flight.

The row.
The passenger was eventually escorted off the plane by police. Jam Press

The airline crew chalked up the cancellation to weather issues, although many suspected that the man’s tantrum was the actual cause.

“The funniest part is, they don’t admit to human-induced delays, as the cancellation is claimed to be due to weather reasons,” claimed one commenter, who was reportedly on the aforementioned flight.

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The entitled passenger was subsequently excoriated on social media with one commenter fuming, “This man is so selfish.”

Others suggested other solutions that didn’t involve the airline gifting the man an extra first-class seat.

“He can switch seats,” advised another. “Let him sit in economy class, and have the mum take care of the child in the first-class cabin.”

Some chastised the airline for their handling of the situation.

“Keeping the quarrel going for hours?” said one commenter. “The problem-solving skills of the crew are poor.”

In a similar situation in July, a first-class passenger was lauded for rejecting a coach-class woman’s request to switch seats so she could sit with her teen daughter.

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