Dean McDermott says Tori Spelling invited her pet pig into their bed —ruining the marriage

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By Dan Sears

Dean McDermott claims his and Tori Spelling’s bedroom turned into a nasty pigsty, resulting in their sex life — and their 17-year marriage — falling apart.

McDermott, 56, spoke about his split from the “Beverly Hills, 90210” star Wednesday for the first time since he announced they were separating after 17 years of marriage.

The Canadian “Due South” alum claims that the pair were having issues in their marriage due to his alcoholism and her financial issues, and by 2017, Spelling invited unwanted parties into the bedroom.

“We’d been having problems and it just got worse because we stopped sleeping in the same room,” McDermott told the Daily Mail.

He claims their sleeping arrangements changed when Spelling wanted her pets, including a pig and several dogs, to sleep in the room and on their bed. A chicken was allegedly living in their bathroom.

Dean McDermott arrives at the FOX Summer TCA 2019 All-Star Party at Fox Studios on August 7, 2019, in Los Angeles.

“And we know, dogs have accidents and our particular dogs were having a lot. And I just couldn’t deal with that anymore,” McDermott explained.

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“‘So, I created a healthy boundary for myself and I said, I can’t do this. I can’t live and sleep in this kind of condition.”

“I drew that boundary for myself and moved to another room and things just progressed from there,” the actor added. “There were no efforts to sort of remedy the problem to get back into the room.”

Tori Spelling with her pig.

The Post has contacted reps for Spelling for comment.

Elsewhere in the interview, McDermott detailed the drunken rages he would go on that “petrified” the pair’s five kids and had Spelling checking on him to make sure he was alive.

“Alcohol made me feel good enough. I started feeling good enough until it got to a point where it didn’t – it ended up in isolation,” he explained.

“It ended up with me drinking a fifth of tequila every night, seven days a week, and a handful of narcos [prescription meds] by myself with a beautiful family in the other room. That’s what it led to and that’s what led to the brokenness and to what happened between me and Tori.”

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Spelling with her chickens.

He added: “I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t live that life anymore. I was tired of the anger and the yelling.”

Even though they’ve now gone their separate ways, McDermott, who is now sober after a summer in rehab, still owns up to many of his marriage-ending actions.

“All Tori’s ever done to this day is want me to be happy and healthy and I inflicted a lot of damage and pain on that woman,” he told the outlet.

“I’m taking accountability for that today. And it’s the biggest amend that I’m ever going to have to make.”

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