Disney Day Drinkers Club upset with EPCOT over trash bin mascot

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By Dan Sears

They’re getting trashed at the happiest place on Earth.

The Disney Day Drinkers Club — a real thing that exists — is causing a stink over the relocation of their mascot nicknamed “Binny,” a gray trash can that looks like any other at Disney’s EPCOT in Orlando, Florida.

Binny, which was located outside the Rose & Crown pub, has garnered a cult following with the Disney Day Drinkers Club, an unofficial boozy group that meets regularly to get sloshed at the theme park.

But the crew, also referred to as Club D3, is now trash-talking Disney, according to the Wall Street Journal, after staff at the theme park recently decided to move their beloved Binny.

Binny became the club’s mascot in 2021 when some members were “drinking around the world” in EPCOT.

“As most people know it’s hard to find a table when you need to set your drink down as you are day drinking. Usually the nearest trashcan will suffice. On one of our first meet-ups, we were drinking around the world and we discovered the perfect Disney Day Drinkers club mascot,” the club’s website said of their mascot.

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“He is always trashed!!!”

Binny is a regular meetup spot for members of D3. Courtesy of Iliana Rosado
The infamous Binny. Facebook / Binny Disney

Father Sean Knox, a now-retired Air Force chaplain and Roman Catholic priest from Tallahassee, Florida, was one of the members drinking with the group and had “officially” blessed the trash bin as the mascot by sprinkling a few drops from his pint of Smithwick’s ale, then everyone toasted the bin, club members recalled to WSJ.

But when the bin was relocated to a new location across the street in front of the Sportsman’s Shoppe in September, the club’s Facebook group — which has 86,400 members — blew up over the rubbish news.

It’s become a tradition for members of the D3 club — as well as other fans of Binny — to visit and take a photo with the infamous trash bin. But after it was moved, it was hard to tell which bin was Binny.

Binny became the official mascot of the Disney Day Drinkers Club in 2021. Facebook / Binny Disney

A Disney spokesperson told the WSJ that Binny had become so popular that too many people were lining up to take photos with the trash can, blocking the entrance to the pub in the UK pavilion and creating safety hazards.

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Skip Sher, who founded the D3 club, told the outlet that moving the bin was a big deal because of Disney superfans’ attention to detail.

Disney ended up moving Binny back to its original spot, and members of the club rejoiced, even buying plane tickets to snap a pic with the bin behind Rose & Crown.

Skip Sher next to Binny at a Disney Day Drinkers meetup. Courtesy of Iliana Rosado

“I know it’s just a trash can,” one member wrote on the Facebook page under an image of Binny by the pub. “But I have to say, my heart instantly lept [sic] for joy at this photo.”

The club has at least two subgroups: one for marathon runners and one for singles. Four couples who met through the singles D3 group are engaged and one is already married.

Binny had become so popular that too many people were lining up to take photos with the trash can. Facebook / Binny Disney

D3 members even have a secret password — “take me to the summit” — to say to bartenders around Disney World to get access to a secret menu.

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“When I enter the parks, I just feel really good. It brings back all those childhood memories,” Sher told the paper. “That’s really magical as an adult, especially when you introduce a few cocktails.”

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