Driver busted for stealing 65 Stanley Cups identified Delaney Garcia-Lopez

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By Dan Sears

The accused thief arrested for swiping 65 Stanley Cups valued at a whopping $2,500 has been identified as Delaney Garcia-Lopez.

Lieutenant Ciampa from California’s Roseville Police Department confirmed that Garcia-Lopez was arrested for grand theft as per California law, stealing more than $950 worth of property is considered a felony.

Garcia-Lopez was also slapped with a DUI charge at the time of her arrest, as her blood alcohol level was 0.08 — above the legal 0.05 limit — according to her mugshot profile obtained by The Post.

If Garcia-Lopez is found guilty by a judge of grand theft, she could spend up to three years in prison.

A DUI, however, is a misdemeanor, meaning Garcia-Lopez faces as many as three years of informal probation and a fine up to $1,000.

Garcia-Lopez was caught by Roseville cops after a retail store’s staff allegedly saw her “take a shopping cart full of Stanley bottles without paying for them,” according to the police department’s Facebook post last week.

Delany Garcia-Lopez, 23, was identified as the woman arrested for stealing 65 Stanley Cups worth a collective $2,500 from a store in Roseville, Calif. Placer County Sheriff’s Department
Police arrested Garcia-Lopez on Jan. 17. At the time of her arrest, the woman’s car was overflowing with Stanley’s popular drinkware. Garcia-Lopez also had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. Roseville Police Department

The suspect then “refused to stop for staff and stuffed her car with the stolen merchandise,” the post said, adding that an officer had to initiate a traffic stop in order to catch the suspected thief.

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Though Ciampa declined to confirm which store Garcia allegedly stole the Stanley Cups from, Roseville Police Department said the store was “on the 6000 block of Stanford Ranch Road,” which includes multiple shopping centers with stores that sell Stanley products, including Dick’s Sporting Goods and Costco.

“While Stanley Quenchers are all the rage, we strongly advise against turning to crime to fulfill your hydration habit,” the post concluded.

Photos accompanying the post showed what inside of Garcia-Lopez’s red vehicle looked like at the time of her arrest.

The trunk and passenger seat were bursting with the 40-ounce insulated tumblers, which retail for $45 and have recently surged in popularity since garnering attention on TikTok.

Once a brand marketed to outdoorsmen, the Stanley Cup craze has been in overdrive in recent months, evidenced in viral videos showing consumers buying up store shelves of the product within minutes, and weeping for joy after getting them for Christmas.

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The cups have become so prevalent that school-aged kids bullying their peers for not having an official Stanley tumbler made headlines.

Back in November, reported on a popular phony “Stanely Factory Outlet Store” that falsely advertised significantly cheap products for $5.99.

Stealing more than $950 worth of property in California is a felony crime, meaning Garcia-Lopez faces as many as three years in prison. Roseville Police Department
Stanley’s 40-ounce stainless steel tumblers retail for $45 and have become all the rage among Gen Z since garnering attention on TikTok. Roseville Police Department

Police have even warned about counterfeit iterations of the item — not to be confused with the coveted National Hockey League trophy.

“Beware of tricky websites using the brand’s popularity. Shady websites pretending to offer discounts on Stanley cups have been found to be scamming shoppers,” the Morton Grove Police Department in Illinois warned in a recent Facebook post.

The Illinois police department’s big gulp warning came shortly after Stanley tumbler’s pink Valentine’s Day special edition flew off shelves at Target as customers stormed stores for their own.

Stanley Cups have been selling out since surging in popularity. Off-brand retailers have even tried copying the bottle and selling it at a lower price to cash in on the craze. Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

One video on TikTok posted by Victoria Robino showed customers pushing and shoving to get the limited-edition tumbler, and a sign on the display shows that the Target store in Goodyear, Arizona, had a limit of two per guest.

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Stanley’s exclusive Galentine’s Collection, which comes in Cosmo Pink and Target Red, is only available at Target, and according to Robino they “sold out in less than four minutes.”

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