Early Addition: Was the ‘world’s oldest dog’ a fraud?

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By Dan Sears

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Good Wednesday morning in New York City, where the Republican candidate to replace George Santos is keeping a low profile.

Here’s what else is happening:

  • The snow got gross … but it’s going to get fun again later this week!
  • Michael Bloomberg, crypto influencer Brock Pierce and Ukrainian-British oligarch Leonard Blavatnik are among the rich people who’ve raised $732,000 for Mayor Eric Adams’ legal defense fund as his campaign faces federal scrutiny for its possible ties to Turkey.
  • “We want to show what happens when Jews and Muslims work together”: Meet Shlomo Weinstock and Mohammed “Mo” Elgaly, co-owners of Staten Island’s first legal weed shop.
  • The president of District Council 37’s Local 1549, the union representing public sector clerical workers, was fired for expensing $30,000 worth of black car trips from his Rockland County house to his office in the city.
  • Guinness is launching an investigation into whether Bobi, the Portuguese dog who reportedly died at 31, was actually the oldest dog to ever live, since the Portuguese dog registry allows the owner to say whatever age they want. (Pictures also show Bobi looking overweight, which isn’t a recipe for living to 31.)
  • Restaurants are trying to make breakfast happen.
  • Federal regulators are banning “funny” highway signs that say things like “Don’t drive star-spangled hammered” because they don’t help, they’re just distracting.
  • And finally, go ahead, point at me:
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