Early Addition: You can’t always get the croissant you want

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By Dan Sears

It’s a rainy Tuesday morning in New York City where bakeries are purposely depriving us of croissants (allegedly).

In a tactic the Wall Street Journal dubs “The Croissant Theory,” bakeries are luring us to their sweet storefronts with the promise of a tasty specialty good, only for us to learn it’s sold out, and we’ll have to try again tomorrow, which we inevitably will. And then we’ll post about the delicious treat on Instagram, leading our followers toward the same cycle. A risky practice that bakeries are willing to try in a struggling economy.

Here’s what else is happening:

  • Speaking of baked goods, Nestlé issued a voluntary recall of their Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough “break and bake” bar because of potential wood pieces in the dough.
  • Somehow I simultaneously want to know about local rat activity with this new rat tracker and I’m also happy being blissfully unaware of it.
  • In a truly wild change of narrative that what was not on my 2023 Bingo card, Michael Oher, the man whom the movie “The Blind Side” was based off of, now claims he was never actually adopted, but was coerced into a conservatorship.
  • The heat is still bumping outside and yet it’s only going to get worse, according to NASA, who says we should expect an even hotter 2024.
  • With the Redbury Hotel in Manhattan being used as a migrant shelter, two restaurants run by Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group housed inside of it will be closing.
  • The Bronx’s Huntington Free Library is undergoing a massive restoration, the first since of any kind since it opened in 1891.
  • And finally, time for a walk sign:
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