Extra Extra: Cha Cha real smooth in honor of DJ Casper

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By Dan Sears

Happy Tuesday afternoon in New York City where you can get a unique view of the subway through a hole in the street.

The crumbling SoHo sidewalk above the Spring Street 6 train station is big enough that curious passersby can see right through to the station below. MTA is reportedly on the case.

Here’s what else is happening:

  • Contrary to what the website MyDatingAdvisor.com says, you actually can’t legally skinny dip at most of these New Jersey Beaches.
  • Remember the Meatball Shop era? The hottest restaurant used to be one that specialized in meaty goodness of all flavors, and had several locations throughout the city. But the chain is now down to just one Upper East Side location.
  • Some Long Island Railroad riders will be taking a financial hit with the elimination of the 20-trip train pass, though the MTA’s chairman called the fare increase “modest.”
  • A pack of German Shepherds who would hang out at an Upper East Side French bookstore their human owned were known to terrorize other dogs and people. They were finally taken away from the store after one of the dogs attacked and killed a toy poodle named Baby last week.
  • What’s your sandwich of choice to celebrate National Sandwich Month?
  • A new study which uses recent U.S. Census data shows Gen Z will be the last generation with a white majority. Around 2045, the number of non-Hispanic white people will fall below half as a share of the overall population nationwide.
  • DJ Casper, the man who has gotten parties started for more than two decades with the “Cha Cha Slide,” died after a battle with cancer at the age of 58.
  • And finally, sign me up for cuddle care:
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