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By Dan Sears

It’s Wednesday afternoon in New York City, to which this link roundup is something of a love letter.

Here’s what else is happening:

  • The NYPD had to tow a handful of cars — including one with an MTA placard — for yesterday’s official launch of the new dedicated bus lane on Livingston Street in Downtown Brooklyn.
  • After a big scare over the trash-can-looking “fentanyl” containers in Fort Greene Park, a lab tested the containers and none had any traces of fentanyl — and police later told parents that these were just regular crack vials.
  • Congrats to New Jersey resident Brian Jones for being the billionth subway rider of 2023. (He won a $100 OMNY gift card.)
  • A 747 headed from JFK Airport to Belgium had to turn around and come back 30 minutes after takeoff because a horse on board broke out of its crate.
  • Flaco the owl has returned to Central Park after apparently failing to find a mate during his stint downtown.
  • Reese Witherspoon’s 20-year-old son goes to NYU and lives in a nice apartment.
  • A Taylor Swift-themed cruise called “In My Cruise Era” is setting sail for the Bahamas next fall. (She won’t be onboard.)
  • You can’t even call a grandma “grandma” anymore.
  • And finally, unnerving:
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