Extra Extra: Is New York actually in the Midwest?

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By Dan Sears

It’s Friday afternoon in New York City, where this silly little rat tried climbing the wrong way up a subway escalator.

Here’s what else is happening:

  • The S.S. United States, a nearly 1,000-foot ocean liner built in 1952, no longer appears destined to be a hotel docked off the West Side of Manhattan.
  • The Brooklyn Museum is getting a massive new education center.
  • Sorry, Madonna, but New Yorkers now eat dinner at 6 p.m. and expect to see live music promptly after.
  • New Jersey is considering legalizing magic mushrooms for medical and recreational use.
  • The Midwest is apparently wherever you want it to be.
  • Sports Illustrated’s parent company is laying off a ton of the magazine’s unionized staffers.
  • The registration window is open for people who want to have official vow renewal ceremonies in Times Square.
  • Jessica Biel snacked on a plane.
  • Speaking of snacking, researchers in Australia have discovered that antechinuses, the cute little marsupials known for the males who often die after having sex for 14 hours straight to procreate during the females’ brief fertility windows, cannibalize the dead ones.
  • And finally, sign of respect:
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