Extra Extra: The clocks are lying

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By Dan Sears

It’s Friday afternoon in New York City, where hotel rooms are getting expensive again.

Here’s what else is happening:

  • A musical about the televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker featuring songs by Elton John is coming to Broadway next season.
  • A ton of public clocks in New York City — including the massive one that’s on the “Clocktower Building” in Downtown Brooklyn — don’t display the correct time or even work at all.
  • Flaco the Central Park owl was back in his favorite tree today.
  • Criminals love spending ill-gotten money on cars and cryptocurrencies, according to this Bloomberg analysis of five years’ worth of U.S. Marshall Service seized-good auctions.
  • Instead of hosting Thanksgiving this year (one guest got sick, nine others canceled), Martha Stewart said she’s doing a Westchester turkey crawl and stopping by five different neighbors’ Thanksgiving dinners.
  • Hunters should wear a little hot pink, it looks cool with realtree camo and also makes you look like an elite marathoner. (And it’s also safer.)
  • “Once the viewer selects a dish from the screen menu, an image of the food will appear, and above the screen an apparatus containing my liquid flavor samples in air canisters will spray in a combination that creates the taste of the chosen food. The spray then rolls hygienic film over the screen and voilà – they can enjoy the taste of pizza without even biting into a slice”: Wanna try the lickable TV?
  • Millennials can’t quit American Girl dolls.
  • And finally, don’t bother me:
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