Extra Extra: The loud bass sound of these fish having sex is terrorizing South Tampa residents

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By Dan Sears

It’s Tuesday afternoon in New York City, where you should hold onto your AirPods Max headphones just to be safe.

Here’s what else is happening:

  • The beer stands on board the Staten Island Ferry are set to reopen in the fall.
  • The Italian sub at this Sunset Park deli looks good.
  • Rep. Jamaal Bowman has disavowed a poem he wrote for his personal blog in 2011 that read: “2001/Planes used as missiles/Target: The Twin Towers/Later in the day/Building 7/Also Collaspsed [sic]/Hmm…/Multiple explosions/Heard before/And during the collapse/Hmm…”
  • Carnival is rerouting cruises in the Red Sea due to surrounding violence in the Middle East.
  • “One elected official tells me, ‘Do I think she’s the best candidate? No. Do I think it’s a good look for New Jersey? No. If you’re asking me am I going to vote for her? The answer is no.’ This is a person who has publicly endorsed her.”: New York magazine looked into Tammy Murphy’s unique grip on the New Jersey Democratic Senate race.
  • In more arcane New Jersey political power news, a company with Democratic power broker George Norcross III on its board agreed to pay a $5 million fine in order to avoid criminal charges over the way it obtained a massive tax break.
  • A loud, rumbling bass sound that’s been traveling through the water and into the homes of South Tampa residents turns out to be the mating calls of black drum fish.
  • Pookie and Jett are looking fire as always.
  • And finally, knock it off:
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