Fans brawl during Lionel Messi and Inter Miami’s win over FC Dallas

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By Susan Comstock

Lionel Messi’s brilliant play apparently isn’t a cause for celebration in all corners.

Four fans, including one in an Argentina Messi jersey, brawled Sunday night at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas, during Inter Miami’s shootout win over FC Dallas in the Leagues Cup elimination game.

According to a video posted by Twitter user @vmorriscrypto, a fan in a Messi jersey fought with another spectator in a red-and-white-striped shirt, while one fan in a bucket hat entered the fray while falling to the ground after seeming to be hit from the side by another fan in a white shirt.

The individual wearing the Messi jersey, apparently inspired by a wild MLB brawl between Cleveland Guardians’ Jose Ramirez and Chicago White Sox’s Tim Anderson, continued to throw haymakers at the spectator in the striped shirt.

The Messi supporter went for a headlock on the fan in the striped shirt while the person in the bucket hat made a move toward him and swung wildly, missing his jab.

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The fan in the Messi jersey seemingly ducked his head at the right time – it’s hard to tell if it was intentional – and avoided the punch before grabbing the fan in the bucket hat’s right leg.

A fourth spectator re-entered the fray at this point to grab the bucket hat fan’s head.

Fans brawling
Fans brawl during Sunday’s Inter Miami match.

In his best attempt to imitate Roman Reigns’ performance at SummerSlam, the Messi fan lifted the person in the bucket hat off their feet and dropped them on their back, all the while the individual in the red-and-white-striped shirt had their arms wrapped around the Messi supporter.

Just like Sunday’s match, the victory clearly went to the fan in the Argentina Messi jersey.

fans brawling
A fan in a Lionel Messi jersey takes on two other fans.

The nine-second clip does not say when this fight occurred but it provided off-the-field fireworks to complement Messi’s on-the-field prowess.

Perhaps the fans were irritable due to the heat with the Associated Press reporting a kickoff temperature of 100 degrees during Dallas’ heatwave.

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Messi scored two goals, including the game-tying goal in the 85th minute, to lift Miami to its fourth straight victory since he joined the team.

Miami and Messi next play in the Leagues Cup’s quarterfinals either Friday or Saturday against the winner between Charlotte FC and Houston Dynamo FC, who meet Monday night in Texas.

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