Flight attendant busts passengers smuggling in own booze in wild video

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By Dan Sears

The plane went from autopilot to booze control.

A flight attendant left a group of women “high and dry” after busting them for drinking their own booze on a plane, as seen in an X video with 1.5 million views.

In the video, snapped aboard what appears to be a United Airlines Boeing 757, two women can be seen brazenly toting open mini bottles like something out of the 2011 comedy “Bridesmaids.”

They appeared to be part of a larger “girls” trip that decided to bring the fun-sized hooch vessels — which are small enough to clear security checkpoints — in lieu of buying booze onboard.

But the flight attendant made them join the mile dry club for breaking the rules.

As the caption points out, FAA regulations prohibit passengers from drinking their own alcohol on an aircraft unless served by a carrier.

Needless to say, crewmembers didn’t take too kindly to the flyers treating the airplane like a BYOB restaurant in the sky.

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Right as the tipsy travelers reach the containers across the aisle to toast each other, a flight attendant storms down the aisle yelling, “Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!”

She then proceeds to confiscate the bottles, prompting one of the boozers to quip, “You want to get some girl?” The passenger then brings the container to her lips, before the air hostess snatches it away.

It’s yet unclear if the travelers faced additional consequences such as meeting law enforcement upon landing or being placed on the no-fly list, per travel site A View From the Wing.

The revelers attempt to party on the plane with mini bottles of hooch. Instagram/justbeyou14

However, they were figuratively crucified by the social media justice system. “Can’t go 2 to 3 hours without drinking?” said one commenter, while another wrote, “The flight attendant took those drinks said not on my watch.”

Meanwhile, others wondered why the revelers were so conspicuous with their inflight alcohol consumption.

“Instead of drinking your drink, you’re holding it up for the camera,” observed one commenter. “That’s why y’all got them mini bottles snatched.”

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The flight attendant confiscates the passengers’ booze. Instagram/justbeyou14

One experienced airplane drinker advised, “Y’all tripping just go to a fast food spot, get a cup and pour the drinks they serve in airport in the cup. Did that a thousand times.”

Fortunately, airline regulations don’t prohibit customers from bringing their own liquor aboard as long as they don’t drink it.

Meanwhile, some airlines even allow flight attendants to serve passengers their own hooch inflight provided that they’re able to monitor the boozer’s consumption, per AVFTW.

A TikTokker demonstrates how to bring booze aboard a plane. TikTok/nicolenotnick

Last week, a travel-savvy TikTokker demonstrated how to circumvent buying alcohol at airports by bringing mini bottles aboard in transparent travel bags.

However, it’s yet unclear if they imbibed the beverages in flight.

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