Frequent flyer claims he disregards airport boarding groups to save time

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By Dan Sears

Queue the outrage.

It’s apparently not just novice travelers who bum-rush the gate: Self-proclaimed frequent flyer Dickie Bush sparked controversy online after claiming that he boards the plane whenever he wants — regardless of whether it’s his turn — per a post taking off on Reddit.

“Board in Group 1, no matter your group,” advised the writer and online marketer in the post, which he initially uploaded to his LinkedIn page. Bush, who worked as a portfolio manager for Blackrock for six years, frequently posts writing and career advice to his over 84,000 followers on the job platform.

For his latest lesson, the guru shared his “8 lessons & realizations on airports & flying” amassed over the past year, during which he allegedly flew more than during his prior 10 years combined, per the post.

The LinkedIn post.
“Board in Group 1, no matter your group,” Dickie Bush advised in the post. Dickie Bush / Linkedin

These included such tips as never checking bags, signing up for TSA pre-check and refraining from buying the airport Wifi.

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Bush’s most controversial bit of advice was to board first even though crewmembers hadn’t yet called his group.

“99% of the time they don’t say anything,” insisted the entrepreneur regarding the ethically dubious advice. “Worst case they tell you to wait, then you’re first when they call your actual group.”

A sign at an airport boarding area.
Bush was blasted online over the unethical-seeming shortcut. Dmitry –

Many commenters weren’t down with this shortcut, which seemed to fly in the face of standard social etiquette dictating that one should never jump the line.

“These are the scumbags who ruin things for everyone,” declared the poster who shared the screenshot to Reddit.

“It’s cool they reply on LinkedIn,” said another. “Now you know the a–holes by first and last name, plus they even show their faces.”

A third fumed, “You just know that not a single one of these people puts their shopping carts away at the grocery store in the parking lot.”

“Anyone who does this is the worst type of person,” raged one Redditor. “If you do this it’s similar to parking in a handicap spot it’s that bad.”

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Other critics claimed that Bush epitomized the expression “gate lice” — flight attendant slang for line cutters and passengers who scramble to board first so they can procure overhead space.

Of course, a few cretins picked up what the LinkedIn-fluencer was putting down. “I always try to board in Group 1 but my last 3 flights ( Europe) had scan barriers and only let you through on designated group call, bummer,” declared a fellow line cutter.

That wasn’t Bush’s only inflammatory travel tip. He also claimed that travelers should never fly economy class (as if everyone has that luxury), which he analogized to a “public bus in the sky.”

“It’s worth it to upgrade, not for what you get, but for what you don’t have to deal with,” the life coach declared. “It’s also proven you cannot think big picture about your business unless you’re in business class. Will not explain.”

This isn’t the first inconsiderate flight tip to go viral of late.

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Earlier this month, a Danish influencer devised a controversial way to enjoy one’s phone in-flight sans holding it — by dangling it from the seat cover in front of them.

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