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By Dan Sears

Hulu is joining the band of streaming services cracking down on account-sharing. 

The Disney-owned company has revised its terms of services, which now bans sharing accounts with people outside of their household. The new policy went into effect last week for new subscribers, and will begin to be enforced for existing Hulu customers beginning on March 14. 

Although the specifics on how Hulu will monitor each account are not clear, the provider warned it “may limit or terminate access to the service” for those who violate the new policy.

The changes to Hulu follow similar updates made to the Disney+ and ESPN+ subscriber agreement last year.

Streaming companies had long struggled with how to crack down on password-sharing, as they looked to boost new subscribers and increase profits.

Last year, Netflix led the charge on account sharing. In the first seven months after the crackdown, the streaming giant saw more than 14 million new subscribers signing up for accounts. Their success paved the way for other services to follow suit.

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