I avoid airline baggage fees with my BBL hack — some call it dangerous but it works

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By Dan Sears

Talk about a fanny pack. 

Airline-checked bags fees can be a pain the butt — but this fast-thinking frequent flyer used her tail, rather than her head, to put those pesky charges behind her. 

“When you’re flying Frontier and they say your personal bag is too big,” cash-conscious traveler Shewana McGee, from Birmingham, Ala., penned in the closed captions of her viral luggage hack how-to, which sees the clever vacationer disguising her oversized backpack as an oversized booty — joking that she’d opted for a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure.

In the caboose-centric clip, which has beckoned over 750,000 bugged-out eyes on TikTok, McGee offered online audiences several tight shots of her slyly hidden knapsack, which she tucked into her pants to create the illusion of a surgically enhanced bottom. 

The slick trickster completed the con by tying a denim jacket around her waist, masking any odd-looking lumps and bumps created by the carry-on. 

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McGee devised a fashion-forward scheme to evade suitcase surcharges at the airport.

And the booty bluff — which likely saved McGee around $60, per Frontier Airlines’ baggage fee costs for domestic flights —  paid off. 

“Keep it free sis,” penned McGee in the caption of her trending post alongside hashtags like “#InstantBBL” and “#DoingWhatIGottaDo,” suggesting that the faux fanny stunt worked like a charm. 

She’s not the only penny-wise passenger to dream up a scheme to avoid paying for supersized suitcases at the airport — where costs to ship a person’s belongings can exceed $100, depending on the bag’s weight and final destination. 

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Online, airway travelers have shared a number of money-saving hacks aimed at bypassing pricey baggage fees.
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In March, a sneaky jet-setter was hailed a “hero” for hiding extra carry-on items underneath a jacket to duck the hefty fees.  

And in August, viral TikTok footage revealed a man using his foot to prop up the luggage scale while his bags were being weighed by airline staff. His presumed goal was to make the luggage seem lighter in effort to sidestep the oversized baggage prices. 

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However, while some virtual supporters were impressed by the savvy rider’s scam, others shamed the guy for “jeopardizing” the safety of others on the plane just to save a buck or two. 

For McGee’s bit, although a few digital naysayers scoffed at her heinie hoax — questioning whether dressing up her bag as a BBL was a “dangerous” stunt to pull while flying miles high in the friendly skies — many applauded her backside bamboozle. 

“Girl you are so smart,” cheered an approving fan, which was followed by a deluge of similar praises such as “genius” and “brilliant.”

“These are the money saving hacks we all need I the unprecedented economy,” raved another viewer. 

“[Crying] in white flat a – -,” wrote a not-so-curvy commentator. “I couldn’t get away with that!”

And when asked if airport personnel questioned her curiously rotund rump, McGee giddily responded: “Nope.”

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