I bought an ambulance and transformed it into my dream home

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By Dan Sears

This guy’s home is pretty sick.

CJ Gray, a 34-year-old vlogger from Coventry, England, transformed an old ambulance into the ultimate video game den and home.

Gray, who has lived in the ambulance for 6 years, spends his days playing video games and traveling. So far he’s been to England, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. He is currently in Portugal, according to Jam Press. 

Gray said he originally bought the “end of life ambulance” because he was feeling stuck in a rut and wanted to venture out on a 9-month trip throughout Europe. Now it’s his permanent home and his way of life.

“I bought the ambulance from a private medical firm who used it for events and training I believe,” he said. 

A man turned an old ambulance into his home. Jam Press/@project.amber

“I was only looking for normal panel vans at the time, but then more eccentric ideas started flowing and before I knew it I was on eBay looking at ambulances,” he added.

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The van was a bit of a fixer-upper because none of the electrics in the rear of it worked properly, but Gary said he knew right away that the van was meant for him. 

So far he’s spent around $5,071 on renovations. 

“This van has never been finished since I got it – there are always new things going in and changes/improvements being made,” he said. 

“The beauty of buying an ambulance was how much [stuff] was already fitted for me, for the money I paid for it,” he added. 

He said the van was well worth it though since it already had so many features. 

CJ Gray found the ambulance on eBay and only expected to live in it for several months to travel around Europe. Jam Press/@project.amber
He said that the ambulance was easy to rework and he was able to use some of the furniture already inside. Jam Press/@project.amber

“I got an insulated box-bodied van with double glazed windows, side and rear-hinged doors, large external lockers, a diesel heater, aircon, a 2000w inverter and all of the mains wiring ran to plug sockets, interior lighting, 12v electrics ran in every wall,” he said.

“Most were for medical equipment but those ports were cut off and USBs, lighting or some other accessory were added in their place,” he continued. 

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He said that he kept most of the furniture in the van, but some of it was reassembled for other uses.

“The furniture is insanely well built but modular, aluminum frames with clinical lined Ply inserts, so it was really easy to rework,” he said. 

His ambulance has a big TV and video game system. Jam Press/@project.amber

To make the van feel more homey he fixed the electrical system, painted the walls, wrapped the cupboard doors, laid down flooring, and added a sofa bed, a bathroom and a water tank. 

“The only ambulance things left are for show really, some switch panels, the odd label in cupboards, a mudflap that still says ambulance. Other than that it’s fully transitioned into a home on wheels,” he said. 

He said that one of the highlights of his ambulance-turned-home is that he can run both a gaming laptop and a TV. 

“I’m not sure many people can claim to have played Grand Theft Auto Online on top of a stormy mountain or at the bottom of a quarry,” he said. 

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He’s lived in the ambulance for six years now and plans to live the van life for as long as he can. Jam Press/@project.amber
So far CJ has been to England, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Jam Press/@project.amber

Gray sees himself living the van life for as long as possible.

“I really don’t miss living in a house, many things seem alien to me now, like too many rooms! Winter in van life can be tough, but that is all really,” he said. 

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