I cancelled my honeymoon after my wife edited my son out of wedding photos

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By Dan Sears

Going through photos from your big day is meant to be a happy occasion, but it was anything but for this couple. 

Taking to an online forum, a groom shared how he noticed a significant… absence from his wedding photos — his son. 

The man said his 12-year-old from a previous relationship was nowhere to be seen in the snaps, despite playing a huge role on the actual day. 

“She loved him like he was her own”

“At first I was in a state of shock… I thought it was the idiot photographer who did this but then [my wife] told me the truth,” he wrote. 

“I couldn’t really believe it was her who asked him to be edited out,” he continued, adding that she had always shown love towards the boy as if he were her own. 

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He then recounted instances where she had shown him genuine affection like decorating his room and paying for holidays for him. 

Unhappy married couple
Despite appearing to love the groom’s son from a previous relationship, the wife still edited him out of the wedding photos.
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“She even gave him pocket money beyond what I gave him and always bought him stuff,” the OP said. 

He then claims that she “adored him” and “embraced him instantly” and if she hadn’t, then he would never have married her in the first place. Hence his confusion now…

The wife’s justification was she wanted photos of just the happy couple, “but that’s bulls**t because there were still other family members who weren’t cut out of the photos,” he said. 

He also noted that the wife had kept the original unedited photos, but he was still mad at her. 

He flew home early from their honeymoon

“I lost my temper because it felt like she was excluding him and the argument escalated,” the man said. The wife said that he was overreacting and the situation got out of hand. 

To make matters worse, this whole debacle went down on their honeymoon, of all places. 

At one stage, she even threatened to call his son to show that he didn’t care about being cut out, but the man told her not to get him involved.

So instead, she called her mom for backup, and she ended up telling him to “go easy on her” as she “must have been overwhelmed on her big day.” 

The altercation ultimately led to him canning the honeymoon altogether and going home early. 

“She hasn’t stopped crying about it and saying I’m being awful and that I keep forgetting everything she’s done for my son so far…” he concluded his post. 

“Why would she only cut out your son?”

Comments were a mixed bag of opinions, with one person arguing, “FFS It’s his SON. Not a cousin or friend, his son. Also, why would she cut ONLY him out of the photos? That is what worries me.”

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Someone else agreed: “If she had done it to other people, I’d buy her story, but she didn’t. I don’t think she cares for the boy the way OP thought. You don’t cut out people you love, full stop.”

Another took a more empathetic approach, saying, “It sounds like maybe he was in every photo, if that is the case then I can see why his wife edited some.

“She said she wanted some of just them, don’t forget wife kept the unedited originals as well, so it’s not like she had them tossed/deleted.”

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