I feed my kids McDonald’s, pizza and donuts — I’m a busy parent

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By Dan Sears

The internet isn’t happy about this particular meal.

A busy mother of two faced a McFlurry of criticism online after revealing a recent daily dining plan for her beloved toddlers — glazed doughnuts for breakfast, pizza and french fries for lunch and McDonald’s cheeseburgers and more fries for dinner.

TikToker Karlee, who has more than 8,000 followers on the popular social media app, regularly shares snippets of her mom life, including the meals she prepares for her children, ages 1 and 3.

And while a typical day of eating might consist of mac and cheese, fruit, vegetables, scrambled eggs and tiny sandwiches, on the recent “busy day,” Karlee relied on the processed junk foods to keep her little ones satiated.

A video revealing the eyebrow-raising repast posted Wednesday has gone viral, with more than 2.4 million views.

While some parents found comfort in Karlee’s transparency, other viewers criticized her meal preparation.
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In the clip, Karlee showed how her kids devoured a full doughnut and four doughnut holes each for breakfast, while leaving their pizza and fries for lunch relatively untouched.

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For dinner, Karlee plated half a McD’s burger for each child, along with a side of fries and cut watermelon. The healthy, seasonal dessert proved to be a favorite.

The scores of TikTokers who viewed the vid were hopelessly divided over the day’s menu, despite Karlee’s assurance that her family gets plenty of fruits and veggies on a normal day.

Some nutrition know-it-alls found the grub somewhat gag-inducing.

“Is this a joke? The amount of donut is insane I can’t figure out if this is a joke,” inquired one concerned viewer.

“Glazed donuts for breakfast is wild,” jeered another.

“Wow so healthy and nutritious,” quipped one commenter.

“Donuts are fun start but it’s always better to pair it with a protein (maybe a smoothie?) to lower the blood sugar spike!” advised someone else.

Child holding McDonald's
For dinner, the kids dined on McDonald’s burgers.
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But some parents found comfort in Karlee’s transparency, admitting that they often serve the same meals.

“This makes me feel so much better about what I feed my toddler sometimes,” commented one parent.

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“Maybe I am doing better than I thought,” another said.

“I threw a poptart at my 2 year old this morning and said here’s breakfast lol,” quipped one mom.

“Getting a toddler to eat at all seems to be a challenge in itself! Way to go, mama!” someone else applauded.

Meanwhile, a few bold strangers jumped to Karlee’s defense.

Glazed doughnuts
Karlee’s toddlers began their day with glazed doughnuts.

“People eat french toast, pancakes, whipped cream, with syrup, it’s pretty much the same as a donut so idk why everyone’s pressed ab the donuts,” argued one user.

“Idk why people be hating like u haven’t ate like this on [a] lazy day,” agreed another.

In subsequent videos addressing viewers’ questions and concerns, Karlee reassured her followers that her kids are “not starving” and regularly lick their plates clean of berries and french toast sticks.

The Post has reached out to Karlee for further comment.

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