I had a $10 budget in the world’s richest country — here’s what I bought

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By Dan Sears

He’s living a life of Luxe-ury — on just $10.

An American tourist traveled to the richest country in the world to see what he could buy on a budget — and it wasn’t very much. 

Eli Snyder, a travel influencer from Kansas City, posted a video to his TikTok yesterday detailing his trip to Luxembourg that has since gained nearly 500,000 views. 

“I’m gonna show you what $10 gets you in the richest country in the world,” Snyder said in his video. “Welcome to Luxembourg.”

While rich in sights to see and in GDP, however, Luxembourg wasn’t even his first choice.

He explained that his visa application to Belarus was denied, so he took a last-minute flight to Brussels and then took a 2½-hour train ride to the Kingdom of Luxembourg, which is “the world’s richest country by GDP per capita.”

Luckily for him, public transportation in Luxembourg has been totally free since 2020.

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“The scheme was introduced to curb the country’s car problem,” he explained. 

While transport was free, a ride to tasty town was not. He said he purchased a croissant that “happened to be very expensive.”

He paid $3.66 for the baked good and said he had to find something “relatively cheap” to spend on because he only had around $6 remaining. 

He took a walk in the city, where he bought a regular iced coffee — for a budget ceiling-skimming $5.94.

He then went to McDonald’s to see if “anything was cheap in this country.”

Eli Snyder went on a mission to see what he could buy for $10 in Luxembourg.
Public transportation doesn’t cost a thing in Luxembourg.
He managed to get a croissant and a coffee — but that’s it.

He was shocked to discover that the price of a Big Mac was $13.38.

“That’s even more than what I’ve seen in Denmark and Switzerland,” said. 

The price of a Big Mac in the U.S. is much cheaper and can vary in the range between $5.31 in Hawaii or $3.91 in Mississippi, according to CashNetUSA.

“So $10 — I got a croissant and a coffee. That’s it,” he said. 

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He also splurged on a coffee that cost him a pretty penny.
Luxembourg is the richest country in the world.

“Yeah, Luxembourg is expensive,” he concluded. 

In spite of the pricey eats, he said he would visit the country again someday. 

The Post reached out to Snyder for comment.

His followers weighed in on his video, saying that things seem even more expensive in parts of the U.S.

“New York I pay $7 coffee before tip,” one person said. 

“Lattes in LA $7-$8. Croissant is usually $5,” another chimed in. 

“feel like im paying more here in the US 😭😭,” said a third. 

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