I haven’t showered in 6 weeks and it’s worth it — here’s why you would too

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By Dan Sears

Sometimes it takes just one cold shower to set your priorities straight.

Jessy Muller, who runs @slowroamer on Instagram, confessed she didn’t shower for six weeks while living on the road in her camper van.

“I went five weeks without a real shower, it upset a lot of people so I thought long and hard about it and this time I went six weeks,” she confessed online.

In the one-minute clip posted on Jan. 4, she captured her experience showering at a local aquatics center.

Muller, 41, went into the bathroom to get undressed for her overdue shower. She turned the shower handle on to finally get fresh and clean, but it was an unpleasant rinse.

“That was awful,” the travel expert said. “Cold water the whole time except when somebody flushed the toilet and I got the tiniest bit of warm water.”

After swearing off frigid attempts at cleansing, the seasoned nomad has skipped out on weeks of showering before in Nov. 2023.

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Muller went five weeks without taking a shower because the water heater in her camper was out of commission, so she delayed her scrub-a-dub as long as she could until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Jessy Muller, 41, who runs @slowroamer on Instagram, confessed she didn’t shower for six weeks. slowroamer/Instagram
Muller paid $5 for a shower at the local aquatic center. slowroamer/Instagram

“I was happy to break my 5-week streak with a gas station shower, Muller captioned the video clip. “$17 seems like a lot for a shower, but I can tell you, it was worth every single penny.”

Unfortunately, her latest shower at the aquatic center was not as refreshing as the previous one.

“I don’t even know if that counted as a real shower,” she said in the post last week. “It was so cold.”

After that grueling shower, Muller may opt out from showering longer than six weeks to get the painful experience out of her memory.

“You may be relieved to know instead of $17, this shower [cost] me $5,” she added. “[But] I guess the $5 didn’t include hot water.”

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During her prolonged absence from bathing, Muller used different ways to maintain her hygiene.

The travel nomad maintained her hygiene with deodorants and spot-cleansing until she was ready for a full shower. slowroamer/Instagram

“I stay clean using alternative methods and treat myself to a proper, long, hot shower from time to time,” she wrote in her video caption. “There are ways to stay clean without taking showers, yall.”

However, some people disagree with Muller’s hygiene approach.

“Yikes,” wrote one person. That’s ridiculous!! So disappointing,”

“I can’t go hardly a day without [showering],” added another.

Surprisingly, many of Muller’s followers don’t see anything wrong with her shower habits.

Muller lives in her camper van and had to use public showers because her water heater wasn’t working in her rig. slowroamer/Instagram
Muller received a lot of support for her stance on showering. slowroamer/Instagram

“People really underestimate the power of a proper hoe bath,” wrote one woman.

Muller replied back, saying, “I say pits, tits, and slits.”

“Truck stops are where it is. Private stall, cleaned each time [and] warm,” added another.

“Showering every day can be bad for your skin!” declared a viewer.

A report previously published by The Post supports that notion.

“[I] don’t recommend a prolonged bath or daily showers,” Dr. Julie Russak, a private practice dermatologist in Manhattan, previously told The Post.

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Hot showers and soaps “really removes and destroys the skin’s microbiome,” which helps protect the skin and is “also extremely important in overall health of the body.”

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