Insane video of spiders in Bali horrifies TikTok

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By Dan Sears

It is a sight that could unnerve some of the toughest Aussies.

A tourist in Bali has freaked out the internet with a video of a roadside spider wall, sharing it as “the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

Grace Kelly, 33, filmed hundreds of spiders hanging in webs in a scene that could be mistaken for a Halloween display on the side of a remote road when traveling between Ubud and Mount Batur, just on the border of Kintamani.

“I glimpsed at it as we drove past and gasped and asked the driver to turn around because I couldn’t believe what I’d seen,” the British traveler told

“I’m absolutely terrified of spiders but I think the awe took over and I knew I wanted to capture it as it was so out of this world. Also, they were very still which made me less uneasy. I didn’t get too close.”

She said the webs spanned about 20 meters along the roadside in front of derelict buildings, through trees and power lines.

“It was so dense I think it went back around five meters in some places,” she said.

A tourist in Bali has freaked out the internet with a video of a roadside spider wall. TikTok / @graces__adventures

“All I could think about was how absolutely no amount of money in the world could get me to run through that.”

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Kelly described the scary scene as looking like “the world’s best Halloween decorations”.

Her TikTok has been viewed more than 20 million times and attracted more than 45,000 comments from across the world in just one day.

“Bali was #1 on my bucket list and now it is #99283774748272763647474,” one person wrote, with 160,000 likes.

Hundreds of spiders can be seen hanging in webs. TikTok / @graces__adventures

“Trying to save money and this was super helpful!” read a comment that was liked another 75,000 times.

“My heart is palpitating. The fact Bali as a collective haven’t done anything about this is not okay. THAT’S TERRIFYING,” a third TikTok user penned with 80,000 likes in support.

“Yah as someone who has arachnophobia, Bali and Australia will not see me,” a fourth top comment said.

“Put it this way – one is enough to stop me going into my own bathroom … So yeah, Bali is cancelled,” declared a fifth.

Most commenters were horrified at the spider wall. TikTok / @graces__adventures

Kelly, who has been a full-time content creator for two years focusing on travel and hiking, said she was blown away by just how viral the video had gone.

“But only a few minutes after posting I picked up my phone and it was on 10k views and I thought ‘oh here we go,’” she said, adding she was getting a good laugh at some of the comments.

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She said she had saved up and put her flat on Airbnb to come to Bali for five weeks “to escape the depressing UK winter.”

A spider appears to be the same size as a wristwatch. TikTok / @graces__adventures

She said she has loved the Indonesian island so much not even the spiders could put her off.

“I’m reassuring others not to be put off by visiting Bali as they’re so unlikely to come across this due to its location. It was such a cool experience to add to my trip,” she said.

The mass spider wall is not a common sight in Bali, with tourists encouraged to be much more careful around another animal: monkeys.

Data obtained by last year showed Australians who have had their belongings stolen by monkeys in Bali have claimed almost $17,000 ($11,000 USD) from one insurance company alone in the last five years.

The sight was enough to deter some from ever visiting Bali. TikTok / @graces__adventures

The most expensive of those Southern Cross Travel Insurance claims was for $8560 ($5,600 USD) when an Aussie traveler had their bag with hearing aids, phone and money stolen by a monkey at Uluwatu on the popular holiday island.

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The same month Australian authorities warned travellers to be careful around animals overseas, with almost 150 people in NSW seeking treatment after returning with a bite or scratch that year.

A video circulating on social media recently showed a feisty monkey tearing up a tourist’s passport in Bali.

While it was unknown how the monkey got its hands on the priceless document, the woman in the video did try to tempt the mischievous monkey into returning it, but it refused to relinquish it.

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