Irish folk singer whips out fiddle on Ryanair flight, entertains passengers: video

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By Dan Sears

He turned back the clock on inflight entertainment.

A Ryanair flight resembled a folk concert at 30,000 feet after an Irish musician whipped out his fiddle and started playing to the delight of fellow passengers as seen in a viral video.

“I think it really shortened the flight for us all,” said cameraman Danny Walters of the spontaneous performance, which occurred on a flight from Belfast, Ireland, to the Canary Islands.

Walters had noticed that a musician named Sean Magee had bought an extra seat for his fiddle so he wouldn’t have to put it in the cargo hold, South West News reported.

However, he didn’t think much of it until an hour into the flight — when he “heard someone say, ‘Guys, give us me fiddle over!’”

The Post reached out to Magee for comment.

At that moment, Walters realized that an epic solo was about to ensue.

Irish folk performer Sean Magee performed for passengers while flying to the Canary Islands. Danny Walters / SWNS
Magee whipped out his fiddle and played an upbeat tune alongside his seatmates. Danny Walters / SWNS

“I just happened to be sitting in front — so once I saw the fiddle come out, I brought out my camera,” he told SWNS.

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Accompanying footage shows Magee and his seatmates, Nathan Carter and Matthew Crampsey, performing a lively rendition of “Las Vegas (In the Hills of Donegal),” a song popularized in the 1990s by folk group Goats Don’t Shave.

All the while, flyers are seen enthusiastically singing and clapping along to the ditty like a scene from the steerage section of a 19th-century cruise liner.

A passenger dances a jig in the aisle of a Ryanair flight Danny Walters / SWNS

The good time didn’t end there: Walters and his wife stopped by one of Magee’s gigs on the island.

“While we were in Lanzarote [located in the Canary Islands], a couple of the boys from the plane got gigs, so we went down there for the craic and they were very good!” he gushed.

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