Israeli TV news anchor goes off in on-air diatribe against Palestinians

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By Dan Sears

An Israeli television news anchor unleashed an on-air tirade against his country’s enemies in Gaza, Lebanon and Iran — warning them, “We will destroy you.”

Shay Golden, a journalist with Israel’s Channel 14, went viral on social media over the weekend as Israeli forces targeted terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah.

“We keep telling you every day — we are coming,” Golden said while looking at the camera and gesturing with his hands.

We are coming to Gaza, we are coming to Lebanon, we will come to Iran,” Golden said.

“We will come everywhere.”

He then warned of the carnage that was awaiting them in response to the barbaric cross-border assault by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7.

“You must take this into account,” Golden continued. “Can you imagine how many of you we are going to kill for every one of the 1,300 Israelis that you massacred.”

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Shay Golden, a news anchor for Israel’s Channel 14, unleashed a diatribe over the weekend.
Channel 14

Golden said the death toll that Israel would inflict would reach numbers that “you have never seen in the history of the Arab nations.”

“I will inform you of what will come, in case you didn’t know,” he continued, adding: “I’m letting you know that it’s coming.”

“You will see numbers [of dead] that you never imagined were possible,” Golden said.

The Hamas-run government in Gaza has said that more than 12,000 people have been killed in the Strip since Israel began retaliating for the Oct. 7 massacre.

Golden said Israel was willing to be ostracized by the international community, even if it means harming relations with the country’s key allies in the West.

The clip of Golden went viral on social media.
Dor Azrad/Facebook

“We’re ready to fight with the United States,” Golden said. “We’re ready to fight with the entire world.”

Israel will kill “as many as is needed” until “all of you, including your supporters, will ascend to meet Allah,” Golden said.

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“Let me be very clear.”

Golden warned Israel’s enemies: “We will destroy you.”
Channel 14

Golden said this is the “sentiment” that is prevailing in Israel.

“Have fun on your social media accounts,” Golden said. “Write ‘Free Palestine’ and do all your crying — and we will come to destroy you.”

Golden then repeated the word “destroy” twice.

“Share this video with all your friends and let them know what we are going to do to you,” Golden said.

The Post has sought comment from Golden and Channel 14.

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