Lil Tay’s alleged ‘death’ hack draws social media ire

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By Dan Sears

Dead wrong?

The online world is collectively breathing a sigh of relief upon hearing the news that 14-year-old influencer Lil Tay is alive after an Instagram post announced her death Wednesday.

But social media savages are sharpening their virtual pitchforks and knives in fury over what some are calling a “publicity stunt” allegedly orchestrated by the teen and her family.

“Ay f- -k Lil Tay…WTF,” tweeted an outraged X user, in part, Thursday. 

The rebuke came just moments after Tay, from Vancouver, Canada, said that she, is in fact, “safe and alive.” The Gen Zer claimed her verified Instagram account had been hacked by a “3rd party,” who wrongfully publicized the “death” of her and her brother

Content creator Lil Tay, 14, from Vancouver, Canada.
Social media users took to X, formerly Twitter, to cast doubt on Lil Tay’s claims that her Instagram account was hacked to announce her death Wednesday.
Lil Tay/YouTube

The Post contacted the man who identified himself as her father, as well as authorities in Vancouver. None of the parties were able to confirm or deny Tay’s passing Wednesday. 

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Vic Sapphire, an attorney representing Tay, declined to comment on her “death” Thursday when contacted by The Post.

In her statement to TMZ she wrote, “I want to make it clear that my brother and I are safe and alive, but I’m completely heartbroken, and struggling to even find the right words to say. It’s been a very traumatizing 24 hours.”

And while a faction of her online fanbase is glad to hear that Tay is still among the living — tweeting “thank goodness” and “happy she’s OK” — cyber skeptics are side-eyeing the girl, alleging that her “death” bulletin was nothing more than a shameless cry for attention. 

“Lil Tay’s family claiming her and her brother had died and then blaming it on their Instagram being hacked. Got publicity stunt written all over it,” penned a cynical X user

Lil Tay, 14, from Vancouver Canada, holding money to her ear.
Lil Tay is best known for her social media antics, including the use of foul language.

“Anytime it takes over 15 minutes to identify you’ve been hacked it’s a stunt,” another spat. 

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“Lil Tay faking her death for clout is such a Lil Tay thing,” tweeted a distrusting detractor

“The way that statement was worded and then the way it took a whole 24 hours to denounce is still very weird,” said another critic

The content creator, well known for her brazen clips dedicated to wealth, and her family garnered an equally frosty reaction on Instagram — where her follower count jumped from 3.3 million to 3.5 million overnight. 

Tay’s “death” announcement has been deleted from her page.

Lil Tay, 14, from Vancouver Canada.
Online, outraged fans were demanding Lil Tay and her family be “investigated” to ensure that they had no part in the alleged hacking.

“I think everyone should start unfollowing this page. It’s not hacked…her family is running it,” an Instagram user commented on Tay’s most recent verified post — a 2018 screenshot of her FaceTime call with late rapper XXXTentacion. 

“Trifling family,” added another upset follower. 

As of Thursday, Tay has not made a public appearance since denying her death in the statement to TMZ. 

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