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By Dan Sears

Police in Montgomery County, Maryland have arrested a man accused of spying on a couple and capturing an intimate moment on a hidden camera inside an Airbnb last August.

Larry Goisse, 39, was arrested and faces multiple invasion of privacy charges.

Investigators said the couple drove from Texas and planned a getaway at the home on Dale Street. Charging documents state that once inside, the couple noticed a “white flashing light coming from one of the smoke detectors.” 

“They discovered this; they contacted the Montgomery County police. It’s my understanding the police searched the home and found multiple cameras in other locations of the house,” the couple’s lawyer, Dan Whitney Jr., said. 

One of the cameras caught the couple in the middle of an intimate moment, and Whitney said his clients live in fear that their private moment may be surfacing online. 

“It’s horrific. This is one of those things that you might hear about but nobody ever expects it to happen to them until it does, and at that point it’s just too late,” he said. 

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Detectives found videos of Goisee on his computer, as well as footage from the cameras found in the smoke detectors. 

On Thursday, police took Goisee into custody and charged him with multiple privacy offenses.

“Whoever did this and whoever should’ve stopped it needs to be held responsible, and that’s what’s going to happen in both the civil court and also with the criminal charges,” Whitney said. 

The couple has filed a lawsuit against the suspect’s twin brother, who owns the home. 

“Their big concern is that they don’t want other people to have to deal with what they were forced to deal with,” Whitney said. “This should not happen and by drawing attention to it, they hope that less or fewer people will need to be victimized like they were.”    

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