Mets Enter Tank Mode feat. Frank The Tank

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By Susan Comstock

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The Mets have entered the official tank mode.

They are putting lineups out there that tell you where this team stands.

They are fighting just to avoid last place, only leading the Nationals by 1.5 games.

There has been no fight in the team at all since the trade deadline — and for most of the season.

These last two months could get ugly in Queens.

To talk about the Mets’ six-game losing streak, state of the team and what the offseason may hold, Frank The Tank from Barstool Sports joined me on a new episode of the “Amazin’ But True” podcast.

‘Amazin’ But True’ Podcast with Jake Brown & guest co-host Frank The Tank:

  • ORIOLES SWEEP: Mets threw a minor league lineup out there Sunday. The team looks checked out and ready for the offseason. They didn’t even close to winning any of these games.
  • TRADE DEADLINE: The Mets should have went all-in at the trade deadline last year. They missed out on an opportunity. Liked the Max Scherzer trade, but hated trading Justin Verlander.
  • 2023 FAILURES: World Baseball Classic set the Mets up to fail. 2009, 2013, 2017 and 2023, the Mets have had bad years every time. Something is up in this locker room. These guys don’t like each other like the 2022 team did and losing a lot plays a big part. Shut Starling Marte down. He clearly isn’t right and wasn’t right coming into the season.
  • THE FUTURE: What should the Mets do in free agency? They need starting pitching and will probably get some middle-of-the-road starters. Don’t need number ones to win.
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