Mom ripped for leaving baby in coach while she flew business

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By Dan Sears

She wanted to escape the mile cry club.

A UK mom split opinions online after revealing that she flew first-class on a transcontinental trip while her 11-month-old baby and boyfriend were in coach.

“Am I horrible for leaving them both in economy?” inquired Ellis Cochlin in the caption to the TikTok clip, which amassed 350,000 views online.

The mother of one decided to treat herself while she and her daughter, Prim and boyfriend Rob were on on an 11-hour flight from Paris to Los Angeles. Cochlin said she felt that she deserved a sky-high siesta and it was one of the rare flights where she wasn’t along with the child.

“I’ve never flown with anybody else, it’s only just been me and Prim,” the traveler described in the clip. “So the thought of having help on this flight was amazing.”

Ellis Cochlin.
“The thought of having a baby-free flight was like music to my ears,” said Cochlin. @ellcochlin / Tiktok

Cochlin added that she’s amazed that she managed to do everything from packing the stroller and taking care of prim by herself.

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“The thought of having a baby-free flight was like music to my ears,” she added. “I love that girl with my whole heart but let me tell you, flying long haul on your own with a baby is not easy.”

Accompanying footage shows Cochlin waving goodbye to her beau and baby, who is shown sleeping on the floor, before splaying out in her own spacious business pod like a modern-day Roman empress. She even treats herself to a lavish feast of macarons and risotto and wipes herself off with a hot towel.

Naturally, her sky-high segregation scheme might seem selfish, akin to treating one’s other half like a babysitter at 30,000 feet.

Cochlin’s boyfriend Rob and baby Prim in economy. @ellcochlin / Tiktok

However, Cochlin rationalized her actions by claiming that Rob hadn’t ever flown with Prim and really wanted to do so.

She added that he wasn’t envious as they prefer to spend their money in different ways.

“I love jewelry, put me in business class any day,” Cochlin described. “Rob would never spend money on business class as he just finds it pointless.”

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She added, “He would rather spend money on restaurants where I would just never do that.”

Despite her rationalization, many TikTok viewers were unsympathetic towards her spa day in the sky, arguing that it was inconsiderate to her partner and child.

“That is…. Insane,” wrote one disapproving party.

“I think you both should [have] been there for each other and shared the responsibility,” suggested another, to which Cochlin replied, “He offered me to have a relaxing flight. I’ve done it soooo many times, I don’t see an issue.

“Wow the baby sleeping on the floor……. when she has a full reclined seat bed,” said a third.

In fact, flight experts claimed that this was dangerous in addition to being inconsiderate. “Cabin crew here — please don’t put baby on seat,” one samaritan said. “Could hit bad unexpected turbulence and in event of decompression oxygen mask wouldn’t reach baby.”

However, others applauded Cochlin’s inflight pampering session.

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“You’ve spent SO MUCH time baby handling solo, I feel you definitely earned this!” exclaimed one defender.

Another wrote, “Father has the exact same rights and responsibilities as the mother ! So go you for letting him do his duty!!!”

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