Mom who raised daughter in the circus hits back at critics

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By Dan Sears

Her life is a circus — and she loves it.

A mom-of-one has hit back at critics who slammed her decision to raise her daughter in a circus, saying her baby girl loves her unorthodox upbringing.

Keyla Remache, 29, is a professional hula hooper who lives on the road, accompanied by her husband Liam Millichap, 33, and her three-year-old daughter, Arwen Millichap.

UK-based Remache moves from town-to-town weekly with her family, but says her daughter has been given the “best start in life” by travelling with her.

Despite being “mom-shamed” online after sharing her lifestyle on TikTok, Remache is adamant she’ll continue to raise her toddler on tour, explaining her co-workers are just like her family.

“I was born and raised in the circus so that’s all I know,” she told Kennedy News. “From as early as six years old I was putting glitter on my face and a pretty costume on and I did a lot of training, travelling and performing.”

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Keyla Remache and her daughter Arwen Millichip.
The professional hula-hooper grew up in a circus and loved it.
Kennedy News/@keylaremachee

Baby in pink in a circus.
Arwen loves her life on the road.
Kennedy News/@keylaremachee

Man, female and baby in small room with crib.
The family live in a trailer, although they have bought a house recently.
Kennedy News/@keylaremachee

“The circus is like one big family and the circus is my life where for others it could just be their job,” the hoola-hooper added.

Remache, who has been performing in the circus since around the age of 10, said reflecting on her own positive experience growing up in her family’s circus is partly why she wanted to bring her daughter up the same way.

“For me, it’s all I know and it was all I knew as a child,” the performer explained. “Living in a circus is just the same [as other people] but just with wheels on your house.”

The mom admitted one downside of having no fixed address was putting Arwen into a daycare.

Old photo of circus performers.
Remache, 29, grew up in a circus and wants to give her own daughter the chance to do the same.
Kennedy News/@keylaremachee

The family love their circus life.
Keyla gets mom-shamed for raising daughter Arwen in the circus.
Kennedy News/@keylaremachee

“We have had some problems finding nurseries for her as they change every week [because we move around so often],” she explained, recalling a time she tried to book her toddler but was rejected.

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“When I said I was in the circus, she [the nursery worker] stopped looking at her computer screen and instantly she told me that the nursery was now full,” she said in dismay.

To ensure stability for their little girl, the couple has bought a house and will perform in the circus part-time on weekends and during holidays, instead of moving around constantly.

“I want my daughter to be happy,” the caring mom explained. “I was extremely happy in the circus and if that is what she finds happiness in then I will be there for her. But I’m going to show her both worlds and then she can choose.”

As for those who mom-shame her, Remache said, unfortunately, it comes with the territory.

“People will always have an opinion,” Remache quipped. “It’s not about trying to change their opinion about your or your lifestyle, it’s about accepting that haters are going to hate.”

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