‘Oblivious’ woman walking through beach wedding sparks debate

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By Dan Sears

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A TikTok that shows a seemingly oblivious woman wandering into a beach wedding is dividing crabby social media users over the rules surrounding weddings in public spaces.

In the 32-second clip, which has been viewed over 1.4 million times since it was posted last month by @coryatrandom, a line of bridesmaids wait their turn to walk down the sandy aisle as guests sit in chairs set up on the beach.

The woman appears to meander right in front of the bride.

“They’re going to walk right through the middle,” the TikTok poster noted as the beachgoer got closer to the bridal party.

People standing on beach including bride.
The ceremony was set up on a busy beach.
Tik Tok/ coryatrandom

The beachgoer was seen walking through the procession.
The beachgoer was seen walking through the procession.
Tik Tok/ coryatrandom

“It’s almost done, just wait a second,” a woman is heard saying in the clip, which the TikToker seconded, adding: “Just wait a second.”

Although the TikToker captioned the video “Oblivious lady walks through beach wedding,” along with the hashtag “weddingfails,” many commenters disagreed with this statement.

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“They don’t own the beach because they’re getting married,” one user declared.

“Who gets married on a very busy public beach?” wondered another, while a third pointed out the wedding participants were standing in the middle of the path across the beach.

“Oblivious wedding happens in path of public beach,” joked another.

A handful of people agreed with the TikTok poster, with one person writing: “People just don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them.”

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