Pittsburgh airport traveler abandons French bulldog after being told she can’t bring dog on plane

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By Dan Sears

Leave no dog behind!

A woman abandoned her 7-year-old French bulldog in a Pittsburgh airport parking lot Friday after being unable to bring it on a flight to her vacation destination, according to Allegheny County Police Department.

The unidentified woman was set to board her flight at Pittsburgh International Airport when flight staff told her she wouldn’t be allowed to without having a crate for the Frenchie.

Desperate for a way out, the owner tried to convince airline staff to grant her a boarding pass for the pup as an emotional support pet — but to no avail.

And instead of ditching her scheduled flight — the owner left the pet behind to enjoy some vacation time.

It is unknown whether the owner got on the initial flight they intended to board with the French bulldog or took another one that same day to their also unknown vacation destination.

The French bulldog was rescued by the Allegheny County Police Department after their owner left it behind to board a vacation flight.
The French bulldog was rescued by the Allegheny County Police Department after their owner left it behind to board a vacation flight.
Allegheny County Police Department

Police learned of the situation when they found the French bulldog “unattended in a stroller” around 5:30 a.m. near short-term parking at Pittsburgh International Airport.

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When police located the dog, officers discovered there was a chip in the Frenchie’s neck that tracked down the owner.

“Officers were able to locate a microchip on the animal but attempts to reach the owner were unsuccessful,” cops said.

Police found the dog "unattended in a stroller" near short-term parking at Pittsburgh International Airport.
Police found the dog “unattended in a stroller” near short-term parking at Pittsburgh International Airport.

“The investigation revealed the owner then abandoned the dog near short-term parking and proceeded to board a flight,” the department wrote on Facebook.

Shortly after police encountered the pup, they contacted a Pennsylvania state dog warden to hand over the pet.

From that point on, the warden confirmed the dog was safe and sound at an animal shelter called Animal Friends.

“Animal Friends was notified of a case involving suspected abandonment at the airport through the Allegheny County Dog Warden and the dog involved was admitted into our care,” the shelter said in a statement seen by CBS News.

“Animal Friends’ Humane Society Police Officers are pursuing an investigation into this case and reviewing possible charges. The dog will remain on hold and Animal Friends is pleased to provide the necessary treatment and supportive care the dog needs until this case is resolved.”

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Alongside the slew of charges the owner was given, they could also see a fine of up to $1,000 for dog abandonment.

Anyone convicted of abandoning or attempting to abandon a dog in the state of Pennsylvania can face a maximum fine of up to $1,000.

The heartbreaking incident comes mere months after a United Airlines pilot adopted an abandoned German Shepard at San Francisco International Airport.

The owner was reported to not have proper documents to board their flight with the dog, so they abandoned the poor pooch and continued their trip to New York, according to the Washington Post.

Due to strict rules about animals arriving from high-risk countries for rabies, CDC did not allow the dog to enter the country.

San Francisco SPCA would put the dog up for adoption, as over 35 applications swarmed in — ultimately, selecting seven-year-vet Capt. William Dale to take home the pup.

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