Plane passenger flashes bare ‘mermaid’s tail’ feet: video

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By Dan Sears

Passengers wanted a toe-tall recall on their flight cost.

It’s no secret that air travel has become a nightmare at 30,000 “feet.” However, one passenger took in-flight pedi crimes to the next level after flashing their hairy toes — which viewers compared to a “mermaid’s tail” — as seen in a TikTok video with 7.6 million views.

In the video, posted by user @reverseosmosis360, an unidentified flier can be seen airing out their bare feet on an undisclosed fight — an all-too-common infraction as of late.

And that’s just the beginning of the podiatric flightmare: The camera then zooms in to reveal that the flyer sports hairy feet as well while his gnarled little toe is split in two like a miniature conjoined twin.

Go figure: armchair air travel experts weren’t pleased with the flyer taking the “barefoot boy summer” phenomenon to the friendly skies, especially given their unsightly appearance.

“I was so focused on the hair that I nearly missed the twins,” commented one viewer regarding the flyer’s pinky-toe two-fer.

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“That’s an extra carry-on fee,” quipped another wit, while a third wrote, “Bros just crossing them (the toes) for good luck on the flight.”

“Looks like a mermaid’s tail,” said another jokester.

One internet comedian said that the toes had their own “hairdo.”

Some viewers compared the toes to a "mermaid's tale."
The toes in question.

The piggy parade earned the passenger a spot on the Mount Olympus of pedi criminals, which currently seems as overcrowded as Mt. Everest.

Past footsie infractions include a Delta passenger who scrolled through movie options with his bare feet, a woman who used her naked hoofs to draw her window shade and a flyer who stuck their “gnarled troll toes” under the seat in front of them.

Things got so out of foot that one TikTokker even posted a video demonstration of how to make fellow flyers keep their feet to themselves.

In it, he could be seen dumping water on a passenger who allegedly propped their naked foot up on his armrest.

The toes.
“I was so focused on the hair that I nearly missed the twins,” commented one viewer regarding the flyer’s pinky-toe two-fer.

Why do people choose to put their kickers on display mid-flight?

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According to the flight attendant behind the viral Instagram account Passenger Shaming, it has to do with a “sense of entitlement,” per a think piece by travel blogger The Points Guy.

“They feel like, ‘Hey, I spent a few hundred dollars for my ticket, I can do whatever I want on this plane,” they said.

Meanwhile, taking off shoes indoors is common practice in countries ranging from Russia to Ethiopia and throughout Asia, where people see removing footwear as a sign of cleanliness and respect.

However, when done on a flight, this can be hazardous due to the risk of shoes cluttering an aisle, or people having to move sans shoes during an emergency, according to flight experts.

“You should keep your shoes on during takeoff and landing, because that’s the most dangerous part of the flight,” an anonymous flight attendant for Qatar Airways told TPG.

Ultimately, TPG claims that it’s essential to exercise proper podiatric hygiene and most of all, keep one’s feet to themselves.

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