Plane passenger poops pants during flight, smears on seat

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By Dan Sears

Crappy landings.

Another day, another “accident” at 30,000 feet. This time, a parent claimed that a fellow passenger pooped their pants on a Delta flight on Christmas Eve — and left excrement smeared all over the seat, as detailed in a viral Reddit post grossing major views online.

“Someone had s–t all in their seat,” wrote the unidentified flyer in the post.

According to the thread, the odiferous incident occurred while the anonymous Redditor and their 8-year-old daughter were on a connecting flight from Birmingham Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia en route to Key West, Florida.

Shortly after takeoff, the Redditor noticed a horrific odor wafting throughout the cabin, leading him to believe his kid had an accident.

“About 20 minutes into flight, I get a terrible smell and ask my daughter if she has pooted (she’s 8),” the flabbergasted poster wrote. “She denies any wrongdoing and the smell lingers for the rest of the flight.”

It wasn’t until they landed that they discovered the appalling source of the stench: While deplaning, they reportedly saw a person 8 rows in front of them who had pooped all over the seat so the bottom and the back were completely “covered” in feces.

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“Upon exiting the plane, 8 rows in front of me someone had s–t all in their seat, the bottom of the seat and the back was covered,” the Redditor wrote. luengo_ua –

They added in the comments that the excrement was halfway up the passenger’s back as well.

“This person had set in their s–t for a good hour and then departed into Atlanta airport covered in s–t,” exclaimed the poster. “Definitely a first for me.”

Indeed, in the comment section, the poster elaborated that the plane had taxied on the runway for 45 minutes, meaning the Delta defecator had sat in their own manure for the entire time.

The man had reportedly sat in their won excrement for nearly an hour on the runway. AP

And those weren’t the only mile-highjinks to occur on the flight. “Also upon boarding, once the plane was full, they announced that someone had left their dog in the boarding area,” recalled the Redditor. “One of my more memorable Delta flights.”

The Post has reached out to Delta Airlines for comment.

The Redditariat had a field day with the inflight “evacuation.”

“Whoever smelta, Delta!” quipped one Reddit wit, while another wrote, “Flying has become like a city bus.”

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Meanwhile, a third poster claimed they also were on the flight and had even been in the same row as the human feces fondu fountain.

“Was waiting for someone to post this,” declared the alleged corroborator. “If so, I was on the same row, person was on the left aisle seat, we were at the right side (middle & window).

They added, “Upon deplaning, saw s–t on the seat spread out like peanut butter as you mentioned, YUCK!!!!!! Saw the person scampering towards the restrooms.”

“I was hoping someone else would be on here to chime in,” replied the original poster.

“Whoever smelta, delta!” quipped one Reddit wit. Mat Hayward –

Some took pity on the airplane pooper. “Someone with stomach issues. I feel for them. Twice a year maybe I have an event,” claimed one kindred spirit. “So far never on a plane.”

They added, “Life isn’t easy for people with stomach issues. I’ve literally tossed underwear, rinsed pants out in sink and soap and rubbed with sanitizer just to finish a trip.”

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As many Redditors pointed out, this isn’t the first time someone has had a gastrointestinal mishap aboard a Delta flight.

In September, a plane from Atlanta, Georgia to Barcelona, Spain, was forced to turn around after a passenger suffered a bout of explosive diarrhea, as seen in gag-inducing footage.

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