Plastic surgeon says what went wrong with Zac Efron’s face

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By Dan Sears

He’s always been a jaw-dropper, but now his face is turning heads for a different reason.

Fans of Zac Efron expressed their shock over his new look during Entertainment Weekly’s cover shoot for “The Iron Claw,” his new film, out on Dec. 22.

Celebrity facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk believes Efron — who has said his altered appearance is due to the after-effects of breaking his jaw in 2013 — may have gotten other work done.

“He probably took the opportunity, in addition to correcting it, to do something better,” he said.

“He might have had jaw advancements where they pull the chin a little bit more forward because his chin looks a little bit more prominent. Or a chin implant or mandibular angle implants [in the lower jaw] or all of the above.”

Rizk also pointed out a difference in Efron’s eyebrows.

Zac Efron may have gotten work done, according to plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk.
Photo credit: Frank Masi

“He always had a straight eyebrow, and now they have more of an arch,” he said. “His eyebrow is a little bit higher, which indicates he had some type of brow lift or he had Botox.”

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That change, he noted, gives him a more effeminate look.

“We attribute an arch to a feminine eyebrow,” he said. “Generally speaking, the male eyelid doesn’t have an angle in its arch.”

Rizk also noticed the A-Lister’s “fuller” cheeks.

Rizk said the A-Lister, pictured here in the 2016 comedy “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising,” now has fuller cheeks and arched eyebrows.
©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

“Cheeks don’t get fuller as you age,” he explained. “You lose volume in the cheeks when you age. When he was younger he had a flatter cheek.”

While he doesn’t believe Efron got a cheek implant, he does think he “most likely” had filler injected into them.

After EW posted video interviews with the 36-year-old heartthrob on Instagram, people immediately commented on his dramatically changed mug.

“Ruined. Fillers and Botox makes him look like a 59 year old . . .  He was so beautiful,” lamented @curtisjunk.

“The plastic surgeon who did this to him should be [in] jail,” added @memememe_andme.

Fans commented on Efron’s changed face in video interviews for “The Iron Claw,” where he plays a professional wrestling world heavyweight champion.
Getty Images for A24

Others compared him to evil movie characters — a stark difference from the fresh-faced boyish ones he played in movies like “High School Musical” and “17 Again.”

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“I could see him being the Joker,” wrote bryanz212d.

However, true Efron devotees are unphased.

“This man aged like the finest wine,” gushed @valkyrie_1331.

“Still as dreamy as that rolling stone poster I used to have,” added @danielle_90xo.

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