Rain, showers, thunderstorms to hit New York on Monday

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By Dan Sears

New Yorkers can expect a pretty wet start to the week. Forecasters are projecting heavy rain and frequent storms on Monday that’s expected to calm down by the middle of the week.

“Tomorrow looks pretty rough in terms of enjoyable weather,” Joe Homenuk, the owner of New York Metro Weather, told Gothamist. “It’s gonna be pretty unsettled all day. We’re looking at a couple rounds of showers and rains – could have some severe storms too – throughout the day.”

After multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms hit New York on Monday, the city will remain under a slight risk for flash flooding that evening, according to the National Weather Service. In addition to a slight to marginal risk of severe thunderstorms, the agency is reporting that rainfall could reach one to two inches an hour and the possibility of rivers and creeks rising out of the banks, the organization tweeted.

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“It’s just not going to be great out there,” Homenuk said. “There’s gonna be rain and storms and wind. If you’re gonna pick a day to stay home during the week, it would be Monday.”

The weather is expected to improve by the middle of the week. Forecasters expected the rest of the week to continue to be calm after the system passes on Monday.

It’s part of “a wetter and more active” summer weather patterns that tend to err its way to New York, according to Homenuk.

“I don’t think there’s anything to be tied directly back to climate change here,” he said.

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