Several LI institutions of higher education promote economic mobility: report

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By Dan Sears

Several institutions of higher education on Long Island are providing the students who are in need of financial assistance with enhanced  economic opportunity and mobility, according to a new report.

That’s according to the second annual Economic Mobility Index, which was published by Third Way, a public-policy think tank. Released last week, the study comprises more than 1,400 institutions across the nation.

Farmingdale State College, New York Institute of Technology, St. Joseph’s University, Stony Brook University and SUNY Old Westbury are among the universities that are featured in “Tier 1” of this year’s index.

The list aims to highlight those institutions that that “offer strong return on investment for students with the greatest financial need,” and there providing economic mobility, according to Third Way.

“This ranking goes beyond having affordable tuition,” SUNY Old Westbury President Timothy Sams said in a news release about this year’s index.

“Transforming the lives of people, especially those from low- and middle-income communities, is at the heart of our institution, from our close instructional settings to our student-focused programs and support services,” Sams added.

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The index is designed to calculate the percentage of low- and moderate-income university students and the time it takes those students to earn enough to pay off the cost of their degree, based on the extra earnings they achieved by attending that university.


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