Shameful treatment of NYC students as migrants needs come first

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By Dan Sears

It’s utterly unforgivable that thousands of James Madison HS students had their education disrupted when their Brooklyn school was closed to house nearly 2,000 migrants.

Fearing that Tuesday’s torrential rains and high winds would collapse the huge migrant tent at Floyd Bennet Field, city officials commandeered James Madison’s gym as an emergency shelter — forcing the school to declare a day of “remote learning.”

Which proved as complete a joke as it was during COVID: Parents reported that many online classes didn’t happen as teachers failed to log in.

Did City Hall just not have an emergency plan, or was this it?

Either way, it’s an outrage — and one all too likely to recur as the weather worsens.

Parents had every right to go ballistic: Their children’s education got sacrificed for the illegal migrants’ comfort.

City Hall has to stop making these decisions on the fly (or, if this was the plan, keeping this stuff secret).

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Sure, it’s tough to figure out what to do with the 70,000 “asylum seekers” (of 162,000 who’ve landed here) in the city’s care — but Mayor Adams’ people have had months and months to plan.

Parents and elected officials ralled outside James Madison High School in Miidwood Brooklyn to protest City Hall's decision to use the school's gym to temporarily shelter hundreds of migrants staying at nearby Floyd Bennett Field.
Parents and elected officials rallied outside James Madison High School in Midwood Brooklyn to protest City Hall’s decision to use the school’s gym to temporarily shelter hundreds of migrants staying at nearby Floyd Bennett Field. Paul Martinka

The least they can do is get creative: Since President Biden is the chief architect of the migrant crisis, demand that the federal government make some of its NYC buildings available for emergency shelter.

Make the feds suffer, not the kids.

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