Sonja Morgan straddles chair, flashes barely covered crotch during brunch

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By Dan Sears

Sonja Morgan let it (almost) all hang out as she seductively straddled a chair and spread her legs during a Sonja in the Queen City Drag Brunch in North Carolina on Sunday.

The “Real Housewives of New York City” alum began her solo performance at a Ink N Ivy in Charlotte by standing behind a chair before slowly going to sit in front of it and straddling the back of it, per a video shared by “Real Housewives” savant Christian Snow.

Morgan, 59, immediately lifted both of her legs up to the sky while also arching her back towards the floor as a Broadway-esque tune played in the background.

The “Luann & Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake” star — who performs in various cities for her Sonja in Your City tour — held onto the chair with both hands before releasing her right hand and lowering her head even closer to the ground and paused while the crowd cheered her on.

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After the double leg raise, Morgan attempted to pull herself back up but needed the help of an audience member so she could stand and move the chair over to another side of the restaurant.

Sonja Morgan standing behind a chair
Sonja Morgan straddled a chair and raised her legs to the sky several times during a drag brunch on Sunday.

Sonja Morgan dancing on a chair
The “Real Housewives of New York City” alum started out strong by lifting both of her legs high.

Sonja Morgan dancing on a chair
Morgan seemed to enjoy throwing one arm behind her and holding onto the chair with the other.

The Bravolebrity didn’t let the slight mishap get her down, since she quickly raised one hand up to the sky and plopped down on a side of the chair that faced the camera.

Similar to the last move, Morgan threw her right leg up to the sky before raising her right hand up and clutching onto the side of the chair with her left arm.

Morgan wore silver chunky platform heels and a long-sleeve low-cut pink sequin short romper, so when she hoisted up her lower torso, fans were greeted with a mere thin pink covering her lady parts.

Sonja Morgan sitting on a chair
The Bravolebrity moved the chair and sat on the side without a back.

Sonja Morgan sitting and dancing
The “Welcome to Crappie Lake” star lifted her right leg and right hand back at the same time.

Sonja Morgan sitting on a chair
Morgan briefly sat back up in between positions.

The mom of one hoisted herself back to sitting position for a brief second before lowering back to the floor once again and slowly lifting both her right leg and right arm high to the beat of the music.

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Morgan sat back up once again and did a few scissor kicks before she flipped to the other side of the chair.

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She ended the set with her now signature move of thrusting both her left leg and her left arm to the sky while her head dangled over the floor.

The crowd appeared more than thrilled with Morgan’s performance as they cheered and clapped – with some people even giving her a standing ovation.

SOnja Morgan dancing on a chair
The mom of one briefly incorporated some scissor kicks into her routine.

Sonja Morgan sitting on a chair and dancing
Morgan ended her set by moving to the other side of the chair and raising her leg and arm once again.

Sonja Morgan posing for a photo
The audience roared with applause after her set.
Sonja Morgan/Instagram

Morgan later went on to use the appearance as an opportunity to announce she’d be launching a “5th philanthropic effort” to help combat climate change.

“What I need to do now is get more involved. I need to learn about saving the environment for the children,” Morgan said in a speech, per a video shared by influencer Dakota Wright.

The socialite took some time to meet her fans, and several audience members shared snaps of them posing with her.

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