Starbucks customers can now use personal cups on nearly all orders

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By Dan Sears

You can now write your name on a cup you own — as long as it’s clean — before placing your next Starbucks order.

The Seattle-based coffee giant announced Wednesday that customers at all US and Canada locations can bring their own reusable mugs for their next java fix.

As an added bonus, those who use a personal cup will receive a 10-cent discount and members of the chain’s rewards program will receive 25 stars.

The move is part of Starbucks’ commitment to reduce waste by 50% by 2030, the company said in a press release.

“As we know, the most sustainable cup is likely the one you already own,” Starbucks’ Managing Director Kate Daly said.

Starbucks put two caveats on the type of personal cup a customer can bring to a barista: It must be clean and hold less than 40 ounces.

“For customers’ safety and ours, baristas are unable to rinse personal cups in Starbucks equipment sinks. For this reason, no dirty cups will be accepted,” Starbucks said in response to Frequently Asked Questions on its new, waste-reducing initiative.

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Representatives for Starbucks did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

As of Wednesday, Starbucks customers in the US and Canada can order beverages in a clean, personal cup. There are only two caveats: the cup must be clean and less than 40 ounces. Getty Images

When ordering at a café counter or at the drive-thru, customers are advised to tell baristas when placing their order that they brought their own personal cup.

Drive-thru orders will be filled at the pickup window “without the lid using a contactless vessel to ensure hygiene and safety,” Starbucks said.

“The beverage will be returned the same way.”

The Starbucks app now has a “personal cup” option available under the “customization” options.

However, the personal-cup option — which Starbucks described as a “milestone” for the company — will not be available for delivery orders on third-party apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Personal cups can be used for all Starbucks standard size options — from the eight-ounce short to venti, the largest 24-ounce offering — and for orders that are hot, iced and blended, like the chain’s signature Frappuccino blends.

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To further “ensure hygiene and safety,” drive-thru customers using a personal cup will hand it over to baristas “without the lid using a contactless vessel,” Starbucks said. Tada Images –
The push to use personal cups is part of Starbucks’ initiative to reduce its waste by 50% by 2030. picture alliance via Getty Images

American environmental advocacy group Clean Water Action has lobbied against Starbucks wasteful ways over the years, calling out the coffeehouse for putting its beverages in a plastic-lined paper cup that’s eligible for recycling in only four US cities, per the organization.

Starbucks uses more than 8,000 of these paper cups per minute across its global portfolio of more than 35,000 stores in 80 countries — roughly 16,000 of which are in the US.

The figure adds up to more than 4 billion cups per year, Clean Water Action reported.

To keep up with the demand, “1.6 million trees are harvested every year for all of those single-use cups,” according to the advocacy group.

“Starbucks is the biggest coffee company in the world. The impact of its waste on our water, oceans and health is dramatic,” it said.

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