Taylor Swift’s dad called ‘traitorous’ for wearing Chiefs gear

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By Dan Sears

It ain’t flying in Philly.

Eagles fans are calling out Taylor Swift’s dad, Scott Swift, for wearing a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard with Travis Kelce on Saturday even though he has long supported the Eagles.

“Look my guy Scott Swift from Southeastern PA feelin a little traitorous in that Chiefs’ lanyard after the Eagles lost to them in the Superbowl not even a year ago,” a disgruntled Eagles lover tweeted on the X platform.

Swift, 71, was spotted sporting the Chiefs gear in a VIP tent at his daughter’s sold-out Buenos Aires show at River Plate Stadium alongside Kelce, 34, a Chiefs tight end, in a photo obtained by the Daily Mail.

Some eagle-eyed fans are wondering if Papa Swift is so over the moon about his daughter’s new beau that he has abandoned his allegiance to the Eagles — or if he’s just playing nice.

Taylor Swift’s father is receiving backlash for wearing a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard despite his long allegiance to the Philadelphia Eagles.
Getty Images/ David Eulitt
Scott Swift, 71, was spotted wearing the Chiefs gear on Saturday at his daughter’s sold-out Buenos Aires show at River Plate Stadium alongside Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.
Football fans found it surprising to see Swift wearing another team’s gear since he’s an Eagles devotee.
Kelce attended the Argentina show to support Swift.
GC Images

“Scott Swift must adore this man, to join in on the claps at the restaurant and now be wearing a Chiefs lanyard when his team is Eagles all the way,” sighed one person on X.

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Another joked that there would be a “welcome home cheater” sign on his front door upon his return home.

The Swift family has vocally supported the Eagles for years, so the switch-up has football fans taken aback — especially given the Chiefs and Eagles rivalry that played out in the Super Bowl in February.

The Chiefs beat the Eagles 38 to 35.

“The Chiefs took the Super Bowl and Taylor Swift away from the Eagles. Philly big mad,” another posted on X.

Kelce’s older brother, Jason, plays for the Eagles — with fans joking that the Swift family changing teams has probably ruffled his feathers.

“Oh Jason’s gonna be maaaaaad’,” tweeted one person.

Some are even speculating that the “New Heights” podcast the Kelce brothers host is going to become heated.

“Legit can’t wait to [hear] Jason question this on the podcast,” tweeted another. “‘Jason will have a rant ready about this!”

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The Kelce brothers played against each other during the 2023 Super Bowl.

For her part, the “Eras” singer, 33, recently clarified that her Eagles loyalty runs deep.

She references “Eagles” in her song “Gold Rush,” off the “Evermore” album.

“I have a lyric that says, ‘With my Eagles T-shirt hanging from the door,’” she explained at her Philadelphia show in May.

“I saw some people wondering if it was the band the Eagles or the team the Eagles … but guys, come on. I’m from Philly. Of course it’s the team.”

Swift claims she’s an Eagles fan even though she reps Travis Kelce’s team at his football games.
Getty Images

The Swifts’ true loyalty will be tested at the Chiefs’ next game, on Nov. 20 against the Eagles.

It’s unclear if Swift will attend the match-up, as she has other Chiefs games. The Post reached out to her rep for comment.

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